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Pokemon Go – How to Fix Error 26

Pokemon Go Error 26 can be a real deal-breaker for players, as it causes Pokemon encountered in the wild to despawn. This means that you could potentially encounter an incredibly rare Pokemon, only for it to disappear from your game just before you can catch it. Nobody wants that to happen, so here’s a guide on how to fix Error 26 in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go – How to Fix Error 26

r/TheSilphRoad, which prides itself on being the largest Pokemon Go community in the world, defines Error 26 in its Error Code Directory as:

According to u/Dragyen, caused by server lag, getting kicked out of gym and lag when clicking nearby Pokemon

This error has affected many players all over the world, causing them to miss out on chances to capture incredibly rare Pokemon. Thankfully, u/Alviento has posted a solution to Reddit:

  • Find exactly same Pokémon in your storage (same name, CP and date of error)
  • Delete it.
  • Catch it again from stack.
  • Profit!

This quick fix has helped many users to rectify the error, as the comments in 91% upvoted post all report the fix having worked on their games. So far, the solution seems to be foolproof, meaning that the error may not be such a big deal in Pokemon Go anymore. It’s a good thing, too, as this month’s Psychic Spectacular event will offer players lots of chances to catch some pretty rare Psychic Pokemon, before even more rare Ghost Pokemon become regular encounters in the wild later this month.

This month is particularly important in Pokemon Go for many reasons, which are all included in our Pokemon Go October Guide. This guide serves as a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about this month in Pokemon Go.

Also, don’t forget that Mewtwo is still available to catch as a Tier 5 Raid Boss, but only for another two weeks. On October 23, Mewtwo will finish his Raid rotation. If you still haven’t caught Mewtwo, check out our Mewtwo counters guide, which will instruct you on exactly how to catch it.