Nintendo Switch Update 6.0.1 Details

The Nintendo Switch update 6.0.1 is the most recent update to have hit the popular hybrid console. Although the last update, update 6.0.0, included the launch of controversial Save Cloud Data Backup, as well as the launch of the Nintendo Switch NES library, this update is much more minor in scale. Here are the details and patch notes.

Nintendo Switch Update 6.0.1 Details

Update 6.0.1 is more to do with stability and bug fixes than adding brand new features to the console. The last update was always going to be huge, considering it was an X.0 update. The update that follows one of these kinds of updates is rarely anything major, as the previous one will have covered everything that was urgent.

Here are the details of 6.0.1:

Resolved an issue where internet connection test does not display correct results for download and upload speed.

Resolved an issue where some licensed controllers’ motion controls such as tilt function respond incorrectly.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing to really write home about, but at least it doesn’t take very long to download. In fact, your Switch will likely download it automatically as soon as it connects to the internet. If this doesn’t happen, you can install the update manually by accessing it through the Switch’s system settings.

In more exciting Switch news, it seems that a brand new Nintendo Switch headset is in the works, meaning that the Switch could be venturing into the realm of VR very soon. Also, it was recently announced that a Switch version of Guacamelee is on the way. Finally, last week Nintendo announced that there would be three more NES games launching for the Switch tomorrow, October 10: NES Open Tournament GolfSolomon’s Key, and Super Dodge Ball. If you would like to read through the full list of NES games that have been released for the Switch so far, click here.