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Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins – Hollowhead, Jack Gourdon, and More

Fortnite 6.02 datamine was inevitable, with committed file foragers wasting no time in diving deep into the latest Fortnite update. As usual, plenty of upcoming skins and other cosmetic items were found within the latest build of the game, giving a hint at what’s to come. It’s pretty much guaranteed that a Fortnite Halloween event will be in the works, and these new spooky skins all but confirm it. Combine the latest terrifying items with last week’s leaks, and you’ve got the recipe for true horror! Put on your brave face as we explore the Fortnite 6.02 datamine leaked skins.

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins – Hollowhead and Jack Gourdon

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins

A pair of Epic rarity outfits kick off our Fortnite 6.02 datamine leaked skins coverage. Jack Gourdon can be spotted on the left in the image above, rocking a suit decorated with a pumpkin print, a style choice that extends to his headpiece, which is a massive pumpkin. (I’m hoping there’s a normal head hidden beneath that!) His description reads “Squash the competition,” which incorporates a great pumpkin pun.

As for Hollowhead, a skin that I’m betting proves incredibly popular amongst players, you can spy him to the right in the image above. Choosing a darker outfit than Jack Gourdon, but still opting for a pumpkin as a head, Hollowhead is apparently “All tricks. No treats.” A green flame appears to ignite from within his head, adding to the spookiness!

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins – Plague and Scourge

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins

Fans of dark Fortnite skins which allow you to blend in with the shadows will want to watch out for the Plague and Scourge outfits. What appear to be male and female plague doctors should soon be available as Epic choices in the Item Store. Scourge is on the left in the above image, choosing to wear a hood that slightly conceals those green glowing eyes. Her description reads: “Seeking the cure.” Let’s hope she doesn’t infect you!

Plague stands proudly on the right in the image above, opting for a less stealthy appearance. His description reads: “The doctor is in…” While doctors are usually nothing to be worried about, this menacing character certainly looks evil. It’s just something about those glowing green eyes…

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins – Dismal Cape and Mouldering Cloak

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins

It wouldn’t be a Halloween celebration without some creepy cloaks, right? Thankfully the Fortnite 6.02 datamine leaked skins include a couple of capes, both of the Epic kind. Seen on the left in the image above, is the Mouldering Cloak. While it sounds pretty disgusting and worn, it should still look pretty damn cool on the battlefield. The discoloration goes well with the orange underneath. The official description reads: “Ragged and worn, from days long gone.” Feel free to buy and equip it, but just don’t go smelling it. Ew.

To the right is the Dismal Cape, which is also looking a little worse for wear. That big hole in the bottom could do with some sewing, and I can also spot a few tears and stains. Regardless, it’s a black cape that will go well with any other dark outfit.  Its description reads: “Black as night.”

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins – Carver and Herald’s Wand Pickaxes

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins

If all the Epic costumes are getting you worried, as perhaps you don’t have the V-Bucks to spend on the more expensive gear, it’s time to turn that frown upside down, as the Fortnite 6.02 datamine leaked skins also contain two Rare pickaxes. The Carver and Herald’s Wand are some cheaper (and potentially more cheerful) options that aren’t likely to break the bank. Scare the hell out of other players without the financial burden. Win-win, it seems to me!

The Carver is the sharp-looking axe to the left in the image above. Though it will obviously still deal the same amount of damage as all other pickaxe types, it still looks pretty damn deadly. It might not make you more efficient at chopping down trees (or people), but you’ll still be able to adopt that crazed axe murderer look with great effect! Its description reads: “Honed for the harvest.”

Herald’s Wand is the second pickaxe skin that was discovered in the Fortnite 6.02 game files. It sports an interesting look, with an hourglass situated on the tip and a winged decoration acting as the axe blades. “It’s vital” reads the official description. The design is certainly curious!

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins – Electro Swing, Headbanger, Sprinkler, and Behold Emotes

Fortnite 6.02 Datamine Leaked Skins

Emotes play a big part in Fortnite. In fact, they now have their uses within game modes like Disco Domination, which at time of writing is currently available as a limited time mode. Players can also use them to show how they are feeling or to taunt the opposition. Emotes are also relatively cheap, when compared to the other cosmetics available in the Item Store.

Thankfully, there is a total of four emotes found within the Fortnite 6.02 datamined files: Electro Swing, Headbanger, Sprinkler, and Behold. The first three are of the Rare type, while “Behold” is Uncommon.

While we can’t yet view the emotes in action, we can at least get a vibe for what they are all about through the official descriptions. Electro Swing’s is a “Brand new groove, old swing.” Headbanger’s description reads: “Bang your head against the air.” Sprinkler (which I was initially very worried about!) has the description: “Sprinkled with style.” (Hmm, actually I’m still worried!) Finally, there’s Behold, which simply asks other players to “Look at this!”

The release dates for the emotes, as well as the other Fortnite 6.02 datamine leaked skins detailed within this post, haven’t yet been confirmed. However, knowing that they are within the game’s current build suggests that they will be coming soon. Of course, the Halloween skins are going to be launching in time for the event, unless Epic Games finds an issue and has to delay them (as we have seen happen before).

If you have a specific item that you’ve got your eye on, be sure to stay focused on the Item Store, as it will update every single day (including weekends).

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