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New Leaked Fortnite Skins – Dark Bomber, T-Pose, Halloween Skins, and More

While the new Fortnite 6.01 update is exciting due to the Chiller trap, Playground custom options, and more, it’s also a fun time for cosmetic unlock fans, as new leaked Fortnite skins have been uncovered. Dataminers have been diving deep into the latest game files, unearthing all sorts of goodies that will soon be making their way into the game, either via the Item Shop or via new challenges. Here’s everything you need to know about the T Pose emote, the Dark Bomber set, new Halloween skins, and more!

New Leaked Fortnite Skins – T Pose Emote

new leaked fortnite skins

Fancy striking a T Pose within Fortnite? Well, soon you should be able to. Found within the latest game files, the Fortnite T Pose emote will allow players to raise their arms and put their legs together. Why is this a thing? I imagine there are some dank memes surrounding it, but it’s also the reset position used within motion capture animation. It seems popular with the community, so it’ll likely explode and lead to all sorts of shenanigans!

New Leaked Fortnite Skins – Dark Bomber Set

new leaked fortnite skins

Following the Season 5 tease of the Fortnite Dark Bomber outfit, which was seen reflected in the giant purple cube, players have been wondering when exactly they can take on the role of this evil twin. It’s not yet clear what exactly is going on with the purple element, but it clearly brings out the worst in people. The Brite Bomber has been corrupted and now looks a lot less friendly. The Thunder Crash pickaxe (detailed below) appears to be part of the Dark Bomber set, along with the Dark Glyph glider (also below), so they’ll likely all become available for a set price sometime during Season 6. It’s also possible that the Dark Bomber set will be accessible through challenges, as we’ve seen with other skins.

New Leaked Fortnite Skins – Straw Ops and Hay Man Skins

new leaked fortnite skins

Those wondering what exactly Fortnite will be doing for Halloween have finally got their answer, it seems. If the Straw Ops and Hay Man skins aren’t Fortnite Halloween skins, then I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be. They are creepy as hell, a pair of possessed scarecrows. There are the male and female variants, and both are of the Epic variety. Expect to pay a pretty penny for each of these skins, with each probably being made available separately (as opposed to unlockable variants). We’re expecting to see these featured during the week leading up to October 31, with Epic Games capitalizing on that holiday’s hype levels!

New Leaked Fortnite Skins – Thunder Crash and Harvester Pickaxes

new leaked fortnite skins

As mentioned above, one of the new leaked Fortnite pickaxes is likely to be part of the Dark Bomber set. The Thunder Crash pickaxe is paired with the description: “Wield the thunder.” As we saw before the big purple cube appeared in the game, Fortnite was being hit by a lot of thunder and lightning. This does seem to tie it into the whole dark purple universe theme, with this dark pickaxe looking a lot like a corrupted version of the Rainbow Smash pickaxe that came before.

As for the Harvester, it no doubt matches the Straw Ops and Hay Man skins, making us confident that this will be a Halloween special. Players hoping to nab the set will want to be online through the period leading up to Halloween. Keep an eye on the Item Shop for these items, as they’ll likely be holiday exclusives, unlikely to be seen again for a while.

New Leaked Fortnite Skins – Field Wraith and Dark Glyph Gliders

new leaked fortnite skins

Continuing on with our new leaked Fortnite skins round-up, it’s now time to take a look at the gliders. Both the Field Wraith and Dark Glyph gliders have been uncovered. The Field Wraith is pretty damn spooky, hinting at it being part of the Halloween set. Expect to see this featured during the Halloween period, alongside the Straw Ops and Hay Man skins, and Harvester pickaxe. Combine them all for the ultimate Halloween 2018 look (but keep an eye on your V-Bucks wallet while doing so).

As for the Fortnite Dark Glyph glider, logic says that it will be a part of the Dark Bomber set, included with the Thunder Crash pickage and Dark Bomber outfit. While this isn’t yet confirmed, datamined information does point towards this being the case. The “Dark Glyph” name reflects the symbols appearing on the glider’s material, which are the same as those popping up on the big purple cube. Obviously this is all linked, adding more fuel for the speculating and theorizing players amongst us!

New Leaked Fortnite Skins – Hay Nest and Birdhovel Back Blings

new leaked fortnite skins

If you were worried that your back would be feeling a little bare during this Season, fear not, for the new Hay Nest and Birdhovel back blings have been discovered within the Fortnite 6.01 update game files. Both are satisfyingly creepy, with the Hay Nest featuring a sunflower with a smile sewed shut, a perfect pairing to the Straw Ops and Hay Man skins we observed above. As for the Birdhovel, its description reads: “Keep your enemies close.” You can see glowing purple eyes starting out of the birdhouse.

All new leaked Fortnite skins considered, it’s going to be a very spooky month for those looking to grab new cosmetics from the Item Shop. These datamined files allow for a preview of the things to come, and let players know to keep a close eye on the store to make sure they don’t miss out. With new content being added (and removed) daily, you’ll want to visit often.

Do remember that while these skins have been found within the latest game files, it might be a long time before they are actually sold within the Item Store. Though they are usually featured pretty swiftly, there have been a few occasions where Epic Games has held content for weeks at a time. As some of these skins seem Halloween-themed, it’s possible that the devs will be keeping them under wraps until we’re close to October 31.

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