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Planet Coaster October 1.8 Update Patch Notes

Planet Coaster October Update patch notes aren’t available in their entirety just yet, but the Planet Coaster patch 1.8 release date was revealed alongside news of the Planet Coaster World’s Fair expansion pack.

Announced late last month, we now know the exact Planet Coaster Patch 1.8 release date. Bringing plenty of new free additions to the game, not only will your park guests have less reason to complain about thirst with new vending machines, but park builders good with their hands will be able to further customize their creations with new trigger events for doors. To bring us even closer to that Disney World dream, new fireworks featuring letters and in-game icons will be added to bolster your daily firework displays.

Planet Coaster October Update – Planet Coaster Patch 1.8 Release Date

So when exactly is the Planet Coaster 1.8 patch release date? Though the update was announced last month, it wasn’t until Frontier Developments announced the Planet Coaster World’s Fair expansion that the development team thought to mention a Planet Coaster 1.8 patch release date.

Luckily, there was good reason for that. The updates are timed to release together, meaning the Planet Coaster 1.8 patch release date matches the Planet Coaster World’s Fair release date. That’s October 16.

Planet Coaster October Update – Planet Coaster 1.8 Patch Features

Planet Coaster October Update

One of the other big changes to the Planet Coaster patch 1.8 is the ability to have 38 current coasters lap through their respective stations. That means no more single-lap rides for generous park owners looking to give their customers are bit more bang for their buck. Though ride queue congestion might get difficult to manage.

The full Planet Coaster 1.8 patch features are listed below, with plenty subject to change between now and the mid-October release date:

  • Restaurants
  • New Scenery
  • Custom Object Browser tags
  • New fireworks
  • Trigger events for doors
  • Staff color change
  • Coaster lapping
  • New camera audio effects
  • Speaker pitch change
  • Removal of blue glow around objects

Planet Coaster October Update – Planet Coaster 1.8 Patch Price

Unlike the Planet Coaster World’s Fair price, the Planet Coaster 1.8 patch cost is non-existent. The park management sim has enjoyed free updates since its release close to two years ago now, and the new Planet Coaster 1.8 patch will follow that golden rule.

When it releases next week, you won’t have to pay a dime to access the plethora of new content brought with the update. Just wait for Steam to update your game, wait for the installation, and you should notice plenty of new goodies when you next fire it up.

Planet Coaster October Update – World’s Fair Content

Planet Coaster October Update release date

Most of what the Planet Coaster October update will contain has been detailed down below, but by separating this content between free and paid distribution methods, we won’t know the full list of Planet Coaster October update contents probably until patch day.

But the Planet Coaster World’s Fair announcement post can at least point us in the general direction of what to expect from the paid expansion pack next week.

Probably reminding you of that run-down World’s Fair seen in a certain Simpsons episode in the 90s (Knoxville! Knoxville! Knoxville!), the World’s Fair expansion brings 10 new brands to the ever-expanding simulation title.

Planet Coaster launched with a fairly disappointing amount of franchise stores and themes to choose from, so bumping that up with another 10 in one will surely add a new lick of paint to just about any in-game park. And it isn’t just new food stores and vending machines, either. Wall-sets, including panels, doors, and roof pieces, from around the world are tossed in for good measure.

On the coaster side of things, the Planet Coaster World’s Fair expansion brings 2 new rollercoasters and a single new ride. The Jixxer and Interceptor motorcycle coasters can excite, while The Polarity magnetic train can bring a taste of the future to your establishment.

Planet Coaster October Update – World’s Fair Price

Frontier Developments has offered almost 24 months worth of new Planet Coaster content for free at this point. Though plenty of new rides come through these free updates, even more are made available through periodic Planet Coaster expansions like the upcoming World’s Fair October update.

Once it releases on October 16, grabbing the new and exciting rides, props, and sounds from the Planet Coaster World’s Fair October update will require tossing $10.99 over to the developers through Steam’s DLC store. You won’t need any of the other paid expansions to add this one to your game, but the reveal post felt the need to clarify that you’ll at least need the base Planet Coaster game to play with the new content.