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Destiny 2 Age Old Bond – How to Get It

Destiny 2 has a lot of weapons, and even more now that the Forsaken expansion has dropped. One of the best new rifles you can get in the expansion is the Destiny 2 Age Old Bond energy auto-rifle. But how do you get hold of the Age-Old Bond rifle, and what does it do? Is there a special version you can get? We’ll do our best to answer.

Where Do You Find the Destiny 2 Age Old Bond Rifle?

The Destiny 2 Age-Old Bond rifle can be received by completing any major encounter in The Last Wish raid, the biggest raid in the game, which dropped shortly after the launch of Forsaken. There are a whole bunch of weapons and armor, at power levels above 560, that can drop at any point of this big raid in The Dreaming City.

However, if you want a better chance of getting the Age-Old Bond rifle, especially in its “curated god roll” version, according to Destiny 2 fan redka243 on Reddit the most likely place for it to appear is following Kalli, the Corrupted. This is the first boss of The Last Wish raid, and is also the easiest, so your best bet to get the Age-Old Bond gun is to keep on retrying Kalli. There’s no guarantees, though…

What is the Age Old Bond Rifle?

The Age-Old Bond gun is a Legendary energy auto-rifle, which as mentioned can only be obtained from The Last Wish raid. It can be upgraded with the following perks:

  • High-Impact Frame. Slow-firing and high-damage.
  • Extended Barrel. Increases range, decreases handling speed and recoil.
  • Light Mag. Increases reload speed and range.
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm. Gives two rounds back on rapid precision hits.
  • Rampage. As you kill, damage increases up to 3x.
  • Tracker Disabled. No tracker is displayed.
  • Kill Tracker. Tracks the number of enemies killed with the gun.
  • Crucible Tracker. Tracks the number of Crucible enemies killed with the gun.

The “curated god roll” version of Age-Old Bond features a maxed Masterwork stat and contains set perks, specifically Drop Mag, Rampage and Fourth Time’s the Charm.