FFXIV All Saints Wake Rewards

FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards harken back to the early years of the Final Fantasy 14 revival. The spookiest month of the Eorzean calendar is swinging around once more, and as seasonal events go, FFXIV All Saints Wake is one of the best, continually getting more unique content than most other time-limited events in the game.

Each year, FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards change, with older ones typically popping up in the Mog Station store around the same time. This year’s FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards are brand-new, too, but veterans of the game might see a pair of familiar faces landing in their inventory after the festivities are done and dusted.

FFXIV All Saints Wake Rewards

We won’t know exactly how to get the pair of FFXIV All Saints Wake Rewards until the event rolls around next week, but we’ve been given a sneak peek at what they are and less of what they’ll do. You’ll want to head to the Old Gridania mailbox to kick things off.

The FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards are a duo of new minions based upon the spooky ghost costumes made available during one of the first All Saints Wake events of A Realm Reborn many years ago. The costumes have since appeared on the Mog Station store for newcomers to pick up, but these two new in-game minions are the first time we’ve seen a true second-coming of these iconic looks without having to shed our wallets of a few bucks.

But earning these two new FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards isn’t the end of the event. The official event page lists a few edible goodies that we suspect you’ll be able to buy for the event-specific tokens you’ll receive for running the instance we’re expecting to show up this time around.

We’ve made a handy list of the FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards you can look forward to down below:

  • Little Yin (minion)
  • Little Yang (minion)
  • Pumpkin Pastry Platter (tabletop)
  • Pumpkin Party Pennants (wall-mounted)
  • Familiar Pawprints (wall-mounted)

Just because you’ll need to have completed the level 15 quest “It’s Probably Pirates” before jumping into this event, doesn’t mean we’re headed to Sastasha. The same prerequisite remained last year, and that took us into Haukke Manor for what was essentially a funhouse carved into a known haunted house. Judging by the event page description, we’ll be taking a trip back there this year.

The event runs from October 18 to November 1 and will offer up certain past event items throughout its run.