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Fortnite 6.10 Datamine Leaked Skins – Spider Knight, Arachne, Onesie, and More

It’s about time for a Fortnite 6.10 datamine leaked skins compilation, with dedicated file explorers diving deep into the latest update’s game files to pull out all of the hidden images that they can find. As is now tradition, we’ve got all of the new skins ready for you to view, including the Spider Knight, Arachne, Onesie, and Guan Yu. Expect to see these all featured within the Item Store over the next couple of weeks. Getting a preview of what’s to come is useful for those who are saving their V-Bucks for something special, and limits cases of buyer’s remorse! Last week’s leaked skins brought some spooky outfits to the game, and it seems like Fortnite 6.10 is doing the same, presumably to prepare players for Halloween.

Fortnite 6.10 Datamine Leaked Skins – Spider Knight and Arachne

Fortnite 6.10 Datamine

Oh wow, my money is on these two skins as being the most popular purchases in the coming week. Folks are going to be throwing V-Bucks at the screen when they see the Spider Knight and Arachne featured in the Item Store.

The new Fortnite Spider Knight skin is like a more badass version of the Black Knight, as though the old skin was bitten by an evil spider and turned into the dark being you can spy to the left in the image above.

As for the new Fortnite Arachne skin, well she is just positively terrifying. She looks like a supervillain with the power to see through walls, or something. That mask certainly has enough eyes for it! In fact, Arachne looks a lot like Overwatch‘s Windowmaker… Coincidence, I’m sure! Will this skin help with spotting enemies on the Fortnite island? No, absolutely not, as these skins are purely cosmetic. But will this skin help with striking fear into the hearts of your foes? I’m going to say yes! (I hate spiders.)

Fortnite 6.10 Datamine Leaked Skins – Onesie and Guan Yu

Fortnite 6.10 Datamine

Things can become truly meta with the new Fortnite Onesie skin, which can be seen to the left in the image above. The Fortnite 6.10 datamine has revealed that players will soon be able to wear a onesie in-game. It’s burger-themed, so you can ooze laziness and unhealthiness in one complete package! Fans of the Durr Burger will no doubt be dropping some V-Bucks on this outfit.

Rocking a completely different look is the new Fortnite Guan Yu, a red and green warrior skin that looks very unique. Spot him to the right in the image above. He looks like he means serious business, and his green theme does allow him a nice bit of camouflage in grassy areas. Looking cool and blending in is a pretty damn good combo!

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