How to Get Free Netflix on PS Plus

Nothing’s better than picking something up for zilch, right? In fact, that’s probably why you’re here: you’ve heard the murmuring about how to get free Netflix on PS Plus and came rushing on over. Well, as always, there’s a catch. Not a big catch but, still, not everyone can pick up a free 3-month Netflix subscription on PS Plus.

How to Get Free Netflix on PS Plus

There are three things you need to be aware of before getting excited over getting free Netflix on PS Plus. Firstly, and most obviously, you need an active PlayStation Plus subscription. Without that, it’s no dice (and certainly no Netflix and Chill), I’m afraid.

You also need to have a North American account. Sneakily, that doesn’t mean you have to live in North America, just that you have to own a North American PSN account. That’s something many of you have already done, I’m sure, to take advantage of their offers over the years.

Finally, Sony isn’t dishing this out to just anyone. It appears as if the only method to get free Netflix on PS Plus is via an email code for a three-month subscription. Be aware, however, that the offer code expires on 31 October.

While this applies to both new and current Netflix subscribers, those who are getting the email are seemingly picked at random, with no rhyme or reason behind why certain people are getting codes and certain people aren’t. The email only reads: “To thank you for being a loyal PlayStation®Plus member, we want you to enjoy 3 months of Netflix access on us.”

Where is my Free Netflix on PS Plus Email?

Chances are, you probably haven’t been sent one. However, you can do the normal things: checking your junk folder, trying not to cry, and then crying anyway. In all seriousness, you can check the PlayStation Netflix Gifting page to see if you are eligible for the offer. By inputting your email, you’ll then be given a message as to whether you are/are not eligible.