Box art - Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Honor System – How to Raise Honor

In Red Dead Redemption 2 everything you do has a price, and sometimes that price will be your morality. The Red Dead Redemption 2 honor system allows you to be a better person or a terrifying outlaw, but it can be difficult to work out what lowers honor, or how to raise it at all. We’re here to guide you through the mysterious honor system in the game.

How to Raise or Lower Red Dead Redemption 2 Honor

In Red Dead Redemption 2 it’s pretty easy to lower your honor. Commit crimes without a mask, rob banks or stores, kill folks, make the “bad” choices during missions or random encounters, and just generally act like a big dirtbag outlaw. You’ll probably get a rather large bounty on your head, but you’ll also lose honor too, and people will start fearing you more.

Raising your honor level is a lot more difficult. The easiest things you can do to raise it are: greeting people as you walk by them, donate money to the homeless or other charitable causes (you’ll find these in towns), and help people out during random encounters or robberies. If you’re going to commit a crime, make sure you wear your mask and change clothes before you return to that location. Also, make the “nice” choices during missions, such as letting captured NPCs go rather than murdering them. It’s the little things…

What Do You Get for Higher Honor?

There doesn’t seem to be any real penalty for higher or lower honor, since it’s the way you want to play and it’ll just be how NPCs react to you. However, a higher honor does have some bonuses. You get better treatment in stores, such as lower prices and access to new outfits. Also, if you’ve got lawmen questioning you, it’s far easier to use the “defuse” dialogue option and talk your way out of any trouble. Of course, if you’re a bad guy you’d probably be happy enough shooting the varmints…