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Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiple Animal Skins – How Many Can I Carry?

Red Dead Redemption 2 has, like its predecessor, the ability to kill and skin wild animals. Some players have wondered if you can have multiple Red Dead Redemption 2 animal skins stacked on your horse, which allows you to carry more than one skin at a time and save trips back to camp or to the trapper. Is this a feature in the game, then?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiple Animal Skins – Can I Carry More Than One?

You can. A thread over on the game’s subreddit, started by user Disco5005, suggested that this was possible. Disco5005 claimed that they were able to carry 10 different pelts and skins on their horse before selling or crafting something from them.

Their claims were backed up by the replies. Other users even suggested taking a second horse along with you – that you have tamed – to be able to store more skins and pelts on. Depending on the size of the pelts and skins, you can store smaller animals or birds on the side of your saddle, while bigger animal skins are draped across the back of your horse.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiple Animal Skins – How is This Useful?

It’s useful when you’re out in the wild and you don’t want to return to camp or head off to see the trapper, each time you acquire a new pelt or skin. It can be time-consuming to roam across the game’s map if you don’t have the fast travel option, so storing as many as your horse can carry makes a massive difference.

Just be aware that this only relates to skins and pelts. You can’t carry more than one large animal carcass on your horse, and that you will want to sell that – or give it to Pearson back at camp – before the meat goes off. You’ll have a less than impressive carcass to sell or use then, which impacts on how much money you can get for it.