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Is There a Battlefield 5 Dogfight Multiplayer Mode?

Battlefield 5’s official release is looming over the horizon, and some players are wondering if we’ll see a Battlefield 5 dogfight multiplayer mode. There was one present in Battlefield 1, so can we expect to see a similar game type in DICE’s latest title?

Battlefield 5 Dogfight Multiplayer Mode – What is it?

A Battlefield 5 dogfight multiplayer mode is exactly what it sounds like. Teams of players would take to the skies in fighter planes and, much like any other game mode, would have to kill their opponents to rack up points. The quickest team to hit a certain point mark – usually 25 or 50 – would win that round. Whoever won three rounds first would then be crowned the winner of the entire match.

Battlefield 5 Dogfight Multiplayer Mode – Is There One?

It doesn’t look promising at present. One user took to the Battlefield 5 subreddit recently to pose this very question to his fellow Redditors, and the responses he got weren’t exactly positive.

DICE haven’t confirmed or denied if there will ever be a mode like this, however. It’s always possible that, with enough fan support for a game type like this, that one couldn’t be patched into the game in a future update. For now, the best bet for players wanting to get into planes and contest dogfights is to do so in one of the other game modes. There are plenty of vehicles for players to take control of in Battlefield 5, and it’s almost inevitable that planes will be lying around in the game’s battle royale mode.

The only other alternative, that offers a form of airborne fighting, is Battlefield 5’s Airborne Mode. Announced by DICE back in May, players either parachute into enemy territory to try to take out anti-air guns, or try to defend these outposts from their opponents. It’s not the dogfight game type that some want, but it’s better than nothing at all.