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FIFA 19 1.04 Update Patch Notes – What’s Changed in Title Update 3?

The FIFA 19 1.04 update for Xbox One and PS4 is nearly upon us. Otherwise known as the FIFA 19 Title Update 3, the new FIFA 19 update is bringing with it new players faces, a finesse shot nerf, a goalkeeper fix, and much more besides that. It’s all in the FIFA 19 1.04 update patch notes.

FIFA 19 1.04 Update – New Player Faces

While we can spend all day cooing over all 50 new FIFA 19 faces now placed in the game (the full list of which you can see in the link at the bottom of the page), it’s worth noting just how good some of them look. Both Wilfried Zaha and Jesse Lingard have taken to Twitter to voice their approval at the new changes, with Zaha in particular seeming particularly effusive.

It’s the recently-promoted clubs, however, who will see the biggest change; Cardiff, Wolves, and Fulham have all seen a large chunk of their squads given realistic faces.

FIFA 19 1.04 Update – Changes to Shooting

It is the shooting fix, though, that will really catch the eye when looking at the on-pitch action. No longer than Timed Finishing finesse shots find their way into the back of the net with complete ease. Both 135-degree angle shots and shots that are hit as soon as a ball moves from behind a player have been nerfed considerably, which can only be good news for those who are fed up with players abusing the tactic.

FIFA 19 1.04 Update – Defensive Pressure

One last key aspect to look out for is the shift towards front-facing defensive pressure being more effective, and pressure from behind being less so. From now on, shots can veer wildly off-target if a defender is pressuring an attacker enough, however, any sort of defensive pressure from behind will now be slightly more ineffective, resulting in the attacker hitting more shots on target.

FIFA 19 1.04 Update – Patch Notes

For the full FIFA 19 1.04 patch notes, including extensive diagrams, graphs, and all that other fun stuff, be sure to check out EA’s Pitch Notes page.