Supreme Commander 2 PC Cheats



UEF Hidden Campaign objectives

Unlockable                How to Unlock
Brutal ConquerorMission 4 : Defeat Coleman without the aid of the Fatboys.
Economic OpportunistMission 2 : Build at least two Mass Extractors in enemy territory.
ExperimenterMission 5 : Build at least four Experimental units
Master of the SeasMission 3 : Build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier.
None Shall Pass!Mission 6 : Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.
Nuke KingMission 6 : Launch your first nuke.
SurvivorMission 1 : Survive the initial wave of Cybran attackers without losing any units.

Illuminate Hidden Campaign objectives

Unlockable           How to Unlock
A Czar is BornMission 6 : Build your first Darkenoid.
Agent ProvocateurMission 3 : Capture all of the Security Stations.
BlockheadMission 1 : Prevent the blockade from taking more than 25% damage.
Bot LordMission 6 : Complete the operation with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots (you cannot build any other type of units).
Experimental FanaticMission 4 : Build at least eight Experimental units.
Master TacticianMission 2 : Complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.
Not the Bees!Mission 3 : Take out the enemy air defenses.
Pro Anti-AirMission 3 : Take out the prison's defensive structures.
Supremest CommanderMission 6 : Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.

Cybran Hidden Campaign objectives

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Cache and CarryMission 3 : Collect all of the Technology Caches.
Great EscapistMission 2 : Complete the operation without a unit being captured by the enemy.
Master of PawnsMission 6 : Win the operation without the aid of any Experimentals.
Master of the Deep        Mission 5 : Build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.
Master ThiefMission 2 : Capture a Rogue Engineer.
Research SavantMission 6 : Complete all available research.
Sultan of SoulMission 4 : Build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.
Survival ExpertMission 1 : Survive Gauge's onslaught after the download completes.

Steam Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
A Winner is YouComplete all three campaigns 'Normal' difficulty
AlarmingComplete the 'Lethal Weapons' operation
Animal MagnetismComplete the 'The Great Leap Forward' operation
Barge AheadComplete the 'Delta Force' operation
Bot LordComplete 'prime time' with an army made up entirely of assault bots
Bugs in the SystemComplete the 'The Trouble With Technology' operation
CakewalkWin a skirmish match against any AI opponent
Class ReunionComplete the 'Gatekeeper' operation
Committed RelationshipPlay 25 skirmish matches with one faction
Communication Breakdown           Complete the 'Prime Target' operation
CompletistComplete all hidden campaign objectives
DatingPlay 10 skirmish matches with one faction
Deep FreezeComplete the 'Strike While Cold' operation
DownloadingComplete the 'Fact Finder' operation
Easy GoingComplete all three campaigns on 'Easy' difficulty
Fatboy ParadeComplete the 'Titans of Industry' operation
FriendsWin a co-op match vs AI
Good FriendsWin 10 co-op matches vs AI
Good GameWin a skirmish match against all AI opponents
GorgedComplete the 'Cliff Diving' operation
Hole in the GroundComplete the 'Steamed' operation
Internet CommanderWin an online match
Knows it AllComplete all primary and secondary campaign objectives
LudditeWin a skirmish match without building any Experimentals
MassterExtract 1,000,000 mass
Master BuilderBuild 10,000 units
Nuclear StrikeComplete the 'Factions or Family Plan' operation
Prison BreakComplete the 'Back on the Chain Gang' operation
RankerWin a Ranked online match
ReplayerImprove your score on any operation
ReunitedComplete the 'Prime Time' operation
Rodgers is RelievedComplete the 'End of an Alliance' operation
Rushin' FrontWin a skirmish match in less than five minutes
SamplingWin a skirmish match with each faction
Score HoarderGet a complete campaign score over 150,000
Second TargetComplete the 'Off Base' operation
Sharp ShooterDestroy 10,000 units
SightseerWin a skirmish match on every multiplayer map
Start HereComplete both parts of the tutorial
Supreme Online CommanderWin 25 Ranked online matches
Supremest CommanderComplete all three campaigns on 'Hard' difficulty
SurvivalistSurvive multiple waves after the download completes in 'Fact Finder'
SurvivorDon't lose any units during the first attack in 'prime target'
Terra FirmaComplete the 'The Final Countdown' operation
Time CruncherPlay the game for over 24 hours in total
To the Vict...Win 25 skirmish matches
Well StockedComplete the 'Surface Tension' operation