Box art - Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 – Is There a Season Pass?

A common trend among modern game development is an approach that considers not only the initial launch, but support through the coming months. Simply put, players want to know their money is going toward an experience that won’t tire out once initial impressions have passed. This is typically addressed with something like a Season Pass, leading first-person shooter fans to wonder: is there a Season Pass for Battlefield 5?

Is There a Season Pass in Battlefield 5?

Surprisingly enough, there isn’t. Electronic Arts and DICE have provided plenty of details about what to expect from the upcoming shooter, and those details don’t include a Season Pass. In fact, the team has stated outright that there won’t be a Season Pass for Battlefield 5. That’s not to say there won’t be any DLC; it’s just that future content won’t require any form of payment to access.

Fans might recall that Battlefield 1 originally launched alongside the availability of a Premium Pass, which is a Season Pass in all but name. Months later, EA would re-release the game as Battlefield 1 Revolution, which coupled Premium Pass content with the vanilla version of the game. This must have been a hit with players—the ones that didn’t shell out for the Premium Pass, anyway—and it looks like EA will continue the trend by offering all future Battlefield 5 DLC for free.

Players who do want to spend some extra bucks on the game will be able to if they so desire. DICE has gone on record saying it’ll be introducing a number of cosmetic items into the game, the likes of which should have zero effect on general gameplay. As for actual DLC, the team has provided an elaborate Battlefield 5 DLC roadmap that outlines planned contents through the coming months. Chief among these additions will be new vehicles, weapons, gadgets, maps, and even new gameplay modes.

Even though there isn’t a Season Pass in Battlefield 5, FPS players can still expect hearty and regular helpings of fresh content served up every couple of months.