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Battlefield 5 Mini-Map Zoom – How to Change

The default Battlefield 5 mini-map zoom feature is frustrating a number of players. With Battlefield fans on Xbox One and PC finally getting their hands on the title, some are wanting to tweak how zoomed in or out the mini-map is during matches. Here’s how to go about setting the zoom level to your personal preference.

Battlefield 5 Mini-map Zoom – What’s the Issue?

Admittedly, the problem will only affect a small number of players who have a preference to set their own zoom level, but it’s one that’s cropped up a few times on the Battlefield subreddit already. One example was posted by Reddit user Minnetauket, who asked if there was a way to set your own preferred level of zoom.

The problem that some players are having is that, every time they respawn after being killed, the mini-map zooms back into the max zoom level. Some Battlefield 5 players don’t want this to keep resetting, so there should be a way to fix it, right?

Battlefield 5 Mini-map Zoom – How to Set Your Own Preference Level

For players who want to alter how zoomed in the mini-map is, you can switch it from the current default setting. To do this, head to the “Gameplay settings” menu in Battlefield 5. Once you are on this menu, there should be an sub-menu for you to open called “On foot zoom radius.” This feature will allow you to zoom in or out on the mini-map, and set your own preferred level.

Make sure that you hit any “Confirm setting changes” confirmation messages when you exit the menu to ensure that the change sticks. You should now have the mini-map set to your own default level, and not have to zoom in or out every time that you’re bumped off. Just make sure you get better at playing Battlefield 5 so you don’t die as much now, you hear?