Box art - Battlefield 5

Behemoths in Battlefield 5 – Where Are They?

Trying to spot Behemoths in Battlefield 5? These gigantic, tide-turning instruments of war can often be the difference between winning and losing a multi-man multiplayer skirmish, but where are they? It’s a tricky one: they’ve been scuttled in all but name, but the Battlefield 5 Behemoth replacements are more than adequate.

What are Behemoths in Battlefield?

Only officially referred to as such in Battlefield 1, Behemoths offer teams falling behind a unique chance to get a foothold on proceedings by introducing elite vehicles. 2017’s title included an Airship L30, an Armored Train, a Dreadnought, and a Char 2C. All players on the team which have gained a Behemoth can respawn on the vehicle, while the opposing team has to do its best to bring it down. In essence, it was utilized as a leveller to keep things equal and entertaining for each side.

Behemoths in Battlefield 5 – Where Are They?

Alas, they are no more. Behemoths are not in Battlefield 5 and, while their inclusion could come down the line if the bevvy of blocked-out menus past the title screen are any indication, EA, nor EA Dice has revealed any such plans for this being the case.

That’s because there’s been a psuedo-replacement for Behemoths. Say hello to Reinforcements. Our Battlefield 5 Reinforcements Guide covers the essentials, but here’s what you need to know: once enough squad points have been gained by you and your teammates, you’ll then be able to call in one of seven reinforcements. They range from rockets to, yes, WW2-era tanks. Spoilers: one has a flamethrower attached to it, so steer well clear of that if you were planning on planting a mine in its path.

It may be a little disappointing to some but even a cursory glance of Reddit would seem to suggest this is a promising move forward. Still, I miss the Airship.