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Battlefield 5 Vehicle Customization – Is it Available?

Is there Battlefield 5 vehicle customization in EA DICE’s latest first-person shooter? That’s what some players are querying with Battlefield 5‘s release only a matter of days away. The title is due to officially launch on November 15 and, whilst some have played it early thanks to their pre-ordered copies, there’s been no indication of vehicle cosmetics being present in the full release. Will there be though?

Are Battlefield 5 Vehicle Customization in the Game?

Not at the moment. Battlefield 5 vehicle customization won’t be available at launch, but it will be patched into the war franchise’s latest title before the end of the year.

In the game menu, it states that vehicle cosmetics should be arriving in the game in December. This information had earlier been confirmed by DICE themselves when they outlined their DLC roadmap for the game up until March 2019.

Taking to their official website, DICE explained that vehicle customization would be part of “Overture” DLC pack that will land in December 2018 and January 2019. If you want to alter your tank, airplane, or other modes of transport, you’ll have to wait a month or so to do it.

Battlefield 5 Vehicle Customization Cosmetics

Right now there’s been no confirmation on what type of cosmetics will be available in the game. We can guess that changing your vehicle’s skin could be one, whilst adding a team crest – made by you and your teammates – could be slapped onto the side of vehicles too.

As for what else could land, it may be possible to trade out different weapons on vehicles in order to tailor them to your play style. A troop transport lorry, for example, could come equipped with a different turret to the one that’s present now. Until DICE confirm what you can actually customize though, your guess is as good as ours.