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Is There a Hitman 2 Platinum Trophy?

Hunting for that Hitman 2 Platinum trophy already? I don’t want to disappoint you, but if you’re looking for a guide on how to unlock the Hitman 2 Platinum trophy on PS4, you may be left feeling colder than one of Agent 47’s many, many victims. That’s because developers IO Interactive has taken the route of 2016’s Hitman and has divided the game’s trophy and achievements into separate mission packs. There’s no big goal to aim for here.

Is There a Hitman 2 Platinum Trophy?

Do you want the bad news, or the super-duper bad news? Hitman 2 isn’t going to have a Platinum trophy, at least judging by its release day contents. This continues the tradition of the first Hitman game in the rebooted series to also not include a Platinum but, instead, having a series of trophies on PS4 for each mission.

In fact, IO Interactive has never even addressed the topic, instead choosing to leave it as an odd curio in the wave of many Platinum hunters who are invariably eager to add another trophy to their burgeoning collections.

In its stead, Hitman 2 comes with 118 trophies across its seven main missions, plus all of the original Hitman legacy content. They’re, bizarrely, split up into separate “games” and this will be reflected in the menus. It’s a strange design choice, that’s for sure. However, unlocking all of them won’t net you a Hitman 2 Platinum trophy for your troubles, merely the longing feeling of regret at a job well done but not adequately rewarded. That’s the assassination game for you.

There is hope, though. Invariably, if sales and fan reaction prove positive, future Hitman seasons may yet be in the pipeline. If that’s the case, it’d hardly be surprising to see IO Interactive opt for one mega all-encompassing challenge of completing every trophy in every single Hitman season to net an overall Platinum trophy.