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Fallout 76 Power Armor Station Blueprint Location

Surviving the dangers of Appalacha in Fallout 76 requires some dedication and persistence. Having a suit of Power Armor doesn’t hurt, either. These hulking mechanical suits provide hearty helpings of defense and power, but players will need to know how to build the Power Armor Station before they can put their own together. The first step down that path involves tracking down the Power Armor Station Blueprint location.

Where to Find the Power Armor Station Blueprint in Fallout 76

One of the most direct ways of finding the Power Armor Station Blueprint is through a mid-game quest called Miner Miracles. It’s a level 25 quest that ultimately rewards the player with the Power Armor Station Blueprint as well as a recipe for the Excavator Power Armor.

Completion of the quest involves a few different variables, so we’ve provided some details on it below. Just be warned that this pushes into mild spoiler territory. Consider this your warning!

The quest kicks off in the location called Garrahan Mining HQ. It’s toward the southern extremes of the map, found southeast of Camden Park, due east of Vault 63. Players might recognize this place as a good location to find Black Titanium.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Station Blueprint Garrahan Mining HQ Location

Begin the quest by searching the parking lot and inspecting the Excavator Power Armor posters hung all around. Follow the quest instructions and find a way inside the Garrahan Mining HQ building, then search for the Project Manager terminal. Poke around to discover the Excavator Module Blueprints. These are needed to complete the Power Armor set as well as the quest.

Head over to the nearby Power Armor Station and craft all of the Excavator Power Armor components. Do note that you’ll need to be Level 25 or beyond for this to work. After completing the final piece, head into the adjacent room and register the suit of armor. Doing so will complete the Miner Miracles quest and reward the player with the Power Armor Station Blueprint.

Some players have also reported success in finding Power Armor Station Blueprints being sold at the Enclave Base for 1,250 caps. Shops can be hit-or-miss, though, and the Miner Miracles quest guarantees the Power Armor Station Blueprint upon completion.

Not only does Miner Miracles reward players with the blueprint needed to craft a Power Armor Station, it also gives them the recipe they need to take home the Excavator Power Armor. As far as quest rewards in Fallout 76 go, that’s about as good as it gets.