Box art - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go MissingNo – Is MissingNo in Pokemon Let’s Go?

While Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are famous for featuring 151 Pokemon, there was always actually 152, but is Pokemon Let’s Go MissingNo real or an urban myth, urking in the dark, dark depths of the game’s code? This leads us to this question, is Pokemon Let’s Go MissingNo catchable? Is this ungodly mass of scrambled code within Pokemon Let’s Go?

Pokemon Let’s Go MissingNo – What is MissingNo?

Pokemon Let's Go MissingNo

MissingNo is a glitch Pokemon. Typically a Flying/Normal type, there are actually a few variants of MissingNo in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games (different types). Above, you can see the standard MissingNo’s (in?)famous sprite. According to legend, MissingNo came about in the English translations of the game thanks to character limits.

MissingNo appears in a particular way (more on that below), and is said to appear because there is actually enough room in the game’s code for 256 Pokemon, not 151. After watching an old man fight and catch a Weedle, the game’s battle code isn’t reset, so you may come across a MissingNo in a particular spot in Kanto’s world. What you find depends on the letters of your character name. The traditional (there is also the Mew Trick) way to catch MissingNo originally is as follows:

  • Watch the Old Man’s demonstration of how to catch Pokemon.
  • After this, fly to Cinnabar Island
  • If your character’s name contains the letters (or symbols) in the third, fifth, or seventh slot of characters: G, H, J, M, S, T, :, ], a, b, c, m, o, p, or v, you can find and catch MissingNo.
  • If your name features any of the letters or symbols above, Surf up and down the east side of Cinnabar Island. Et voila: MissingNo.

Getting hold of a MissingNo will also glitch your items. The sixth item in your item bag will increase in number by 128. So, before your hunt for a MissingNo begins, we’d recommend holding a Rare Candy or Master Ball as your sixth item. Be warned though, catching a MissingNo will result in corrupted save files, strange graphical glitches, and even a permanently corrupted Hall of Fame. You can evolve it for a glitchy Kanghaskan, however.

Pokemon Let’s Go MissingNo – Is MissingNo in Let’s Go?

As of writing, no one has found MissingNo in Pokemon Let’s Go. People have tried the famous method as listed above but to no effect. There is one theory, however, that the new Pokemon Meltan, might just be a nod to MissingNo. Meltan is the 152nd Pokemon in the game. Hmm. Meltan does evolve, however, into Melmetal, and not Kangaskhan.

Despite this whack theory, MissingNo could yet be added to Pokemon Let’s Go. There is a chance, too, that it is in the game, but no one has figured out how to find it as of writing. As we speak, millions* of people are hurriedly scouring the re-imagined Kanto in a desperate search for MissingNo.

*Well, one or two maybe.

Pokemon Let’s Go MissingNo – Will MissingNo Ever Be Added to the Game?

In these days of new updates, patches, and DLC, there is no reason that Nintendo and Game Freak couldn’t add MissingNo into the game and finally make the thing completely canon. There might even be a hidden MissingNo easter egg. Some say that this video of Pokemon X and Y teases MissingNo, but we’ll that up to you to decide. Who knows? Maybe MissingNo is already in Pokemon Let’s Go, lurking, just waiting to be discovered.