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Fallout 76 Site Capture Bug – How to Fix

There’s a Fallout 76 site capture bug that is annoying players in the latest installment in Bethesda’s franchise. Some players have been unable to claim specific sites in the game due to the issue, and it’s marring their experience. So, how can you fix the Fallout 76 site capture bug?

Fallout 76 Site Capture Bug – What is the Problem?

Some players have bemoaned the chance to capture sites, to build new camps on and such, due to a problem with the sites they’re trying to take. The issue seems to arise due to the enemies spawning in weird areas of the site, and thus preventing them from being killed.

The major issue is stemming from enemies spawning in the ground, and chopping through the map. This is stopping players from killing them, clearing out the area to make it safe, and then having the chance to capture the site and build a new settlement on.

Fallout 76 Site Capture Bug – Is There a Way to Resolve This?

The best way to circumvent this bug is to fast travel away from the site you’re trying to claim, and wait until you have the option to “reclaim the workshop.” Waiting until this pops up should result in a new batch of enemies spawning, and allows you to then go about killing them to claim the site as your own.

Another way to resolve this is to stick around the area by the site, but not actually stay on the site’s location itself. A quick lap of the area may lead to the enemies spawning above the ground and, again, allow you kill them to claim the site. Finally, this bug may be addressed in the latest Fallout 76 patch that has dropped, so it could be worth waiting to see if this update has fixed the issue, even if the 1.02 patch notes haven’t specifically addressed it.