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Battlefield 5 Rank Weapon Unlock Bug – How to Fix

How are your new Battlefield 5 weapons working out? Not very well if you’ve encountered the Battlefield 5 rank weapon unlock bug. Plenty of players have alerted EA DICE to the issues that are affecting them at levels. So, is there a Battlefield 5 rank weapon unlock bug fix?

Battlefield 5 Rank Weapon Unlock Bug – What are the Main Problems?

There are two bugs you could run into, depending on what rank you have just leveled up to. First, you may experience a weapon not unlocking at any rank between one and 19. This issue seems to occur when players leave games mid-round after they see a notification pop up telling them that they have ranked up. If you do this, you won’t see that your new weapons are available to you in the UI, making it seem as if they haven’t unlocked.

The other problem is reserved solely for hitting rank 20. It’s a similar issue to the one above, with players leaving mid-game if they rank up during matches. However, because there’s no rank 21, Battlefield 5 cannot check on what the next rank’s unlocks are, and doesn’t unlock the rank 20 weapon as a result. It’s a weird glitch, but one that’s affected plenty of players.

How to Fix the Battlefield 5 Rank Weapon Unlock Bug

There are workarounds for both problems. For the rank one to 19 issue, you have to wait until you reach the “End of Round” screen in a match. Don’t leave while a round is taking place. If you successfully wait until the round’s end before leaving, the weapon should unlock.

If you join another map on another server before the end of the round, you may have to play on until you reach the next rank up. For example, if you’re rank three, you may have to play until you’re rank four to unlock the weapon. It’s all to do with Battlefield 5’s back-end system needing to check that you’re at the required level to access a previous rank’s weapon.

For the rank 20 bug, EA DICE has stated that this issue won’t be resolved until an update is patched into the game. A fix has been verified, according to this official Battlefield 5 Reddit thread, and the patch will come in a server update soon. If you want to report your own issue, you can do so by heading to the Battlefield 5 bugs forum and lodging a ticket with the support network over there.