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Red Dead Online PS Plus Subscription – Do I Need One?

Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online multiplayer mode, is nearly here. A beta for the game is due sometime before the end of this year, and PS4 players have one major question on their mind ahead of its release. Namely, do I need a Red Dead Online PS Plus Subscription? Read on to find out more.

Red Dead Online PS Plus Subscription – What is a PS Plus Subscription?

PS Plus is Sony’s online subscription service that allows PS4 players to game together over the internet. Without this subscription, you can only play games offline, and you can only play with your mates if the game you’re playing supports local co-op mode.

PS Plus isn’t free, however. You’ll need to stump up around $70 (£50) for the PS Plus 12-month subscription. That isn’t much given the amount of hours you can sink in games like Red Dead Online, but it’s worth knowing about.

Red Dead Online PS Plus Subscription – Do I Need One to Play it?

In a word, yes. There were rumors circulating on the internet, ahead of the Red Dead Online beta and its full release, that the mode would be free to play. This conjecture was spread around on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit in the lead up to its release, such as this thread.

However, you will need a PS Plus subscription to play Red Dead Online. The only games you can play for free online are, well, free-to-play games. There’s no way that Rockstar and Sony would let you play this particular mode for nothing, so if you don’t have a PS Plus subscription yet, it’s worth buying one now if you plan to play Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online‘s beta version had been expected to land sometime before the end of November and, with no word from Rockstar on a delay to this, it should be available before December rolls around.