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Missing Battlefield 5 Pre-Order Items – How to Fix

Battlefield 5 players are becoming increasingly annoyed at their missing Battlefield 5 pre-order items. Some of those who had been looking forward to EA DICE’s latest first-person shooter still haven’t received the rewards that they should have been given for pre-purchasing the title. There must be a missing Battlefield 5 pre-order items fix though, right? Here’s our guide on how to solve this.

Missing Battlefield 5 Pre-Order Items – What is the Problem?

As a way of saying thank you for pre-ordering Battlefield 5, EA DICE promised to give players extra in-game items if they pre-purchased certain editions of the game. These rewards varied from edition to edition, and included things such as soldier outfits, airlift items – customization items for certain characters – and more.

However, despite the game being fully released on November 20, some players are still yet to be given their rewards. This is in spite of EA claiming that PC players would receive their pre-order gifts by November 9, and Xbox One and PS4 players getting theirs by November 15.

Missing Battlefield 5 Pre-Order Items – How do I Get Them?

An official blog post from EA revealed that players would only be able to access their pre-order rewards after they redeemed their Battlefield 5 game code, and after playing it for the first time. Despite this, some players obviously haven’t received their gifts, so what gives?

Well, EA has stated that players need to look in the correct place to see if these have already been downloaded. The best place to check for your pre-order rewards is by going to the “Armory” menu and checking each subsection from there. In particular, the airlift items can be found in the “Shipments” section, emblems and dog tags are found in the “Emblems” section, and all outfits should be right in front of you when you open the “Armory” menu.

If some or none of your items are present in these areas, the official Battlefield 5 Reddit bugs thread suggests restarting the game and checking again. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you can lodge a complaint at the official Battlefield 5 forums here and get personal help on it.