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No Man’s Sky 1.75 Update Patch Notes – What’s Changed in Visions?

This isn’t your standard new No Man’s Sky update. No, the No Man’s Sky 1.75 update, otherwise known as Visions arrives with a universe-rippling thud, and promises to offer up an entirely new experience the next time you fire up your respective platform. Far more diverse biomes, creatures, plus flora and fauna will make every planet a new experience, while the introduction of archaeology brings about a new way to make some space dollar and find out some hidden mysteries. There’s even an extremely cool Shared Community Mission Progress which could shape the way you play with others for months to come. It’s all down in the No Man’s Sky 1.75 update patch notes down below.

No Mans’ Sky 1.75 Update – Fixes

First, the icky technical stuff. A game as vast as No Man’s Sky is often going to come unstuck in hilarious and sometimes not-so-hilarious fashion. A glitch involving being unable to repeatedly build “storage container 1” has been fixed, as has the storm bug wherein planets with extreme weather won’t getting enough of the ol’ thunder and lightning.

Elsewhere, the free freighter in the tutorial is now just that, free. Previously, some players had reported not being able to get their mitts on it during the opening of the game. Finally, in terms of big, irritating problems that are no more: using the Atlas Pass V2 or Atlas Pass V3 on a door that only requires the Atlas Pass V1 won’t make the game flip out.

A complete log of all fixes can be found in the patch notes link down below.

No Man’s Sky 1.75 Update – New Features

Honestly? This feels like the most complete, well-rounded update since No Man’s Sky NEXT arrived back in July 2018. Nearly every aspect of planetary environments, as you’ll soon see, have been tweaked, which makes for a far more unique experience. On top of that, there’s a brand-new skill in Archaeology, plus salvageable scrap to hunt for to help diversify the gameplay loop. It really is an exciting time to be a No Man’s Sky fan.

No Man’s Sky 1.75 Update – A More Beautiful Universe

New biomes are now included in No Man’s Sky which, when coupled with what appears to be three new creatures, new “types of water” (seriously, every base has been covered), and even completely fresh shades of sky and grass, amounts to a game that is going to be different, no matter which planet you choose to hop to next. Plus, there’s man-eating plants out there. Good luck with that. Man alive, there’s even rainbows now.

No Man’s Sky 1.75 Update – Archaeology

But what good are all of these new locations if there’s not a great deal to do in them? Say hello to Archaeology. While we’ll have to dive into the update ourselves to get a full understanding of the activity (and, admit it, that’s half the fun), you’ll now be able to find Ancient Bones of long-lost alien lifeforms to sell on. Forget Dark Souls, I’m all about the emergent lore if I ever stumble across an untouched full skeleton- yes, they exist in-game now- and wondering how the hell it met its end.

That’s not all. You can now use your multitool to break down fallen satellites and getting the salvageable scrap within, such as the new Sparking Tank. However, as the patch notes point out, you may incur the wrath of some unfriendly visitors should you spend too long prying and poking about with certain space junk…

No Man’s Sky 1.75 Update – Shared Community Mission Progress

Phew. We’re nearly at the end of this gigantic update. Now it’s time to share in the love. That’s because a transformative feature, labelled Shared Community Mission Progress, opens up a new way for you to engage with your fellow explorers. You’ll be working towards common goals in certain weeks, with the promise of who knows what at the end of the rainbow. If utilized correctly, it could be a great addition to a game that’s only getting deeper and deeper by the minute.

No Man’s Sky 1.75 Update – Patch Notes

If this has managed to whet your appetite, and you need something else to kill the time while you’re waiting for the download to finish, check out the No Man’s Sky 1.75 update patch notes on the game’s site.