Bolt PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Enter the "Extras" menu and then select "Cheats". Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option. To toggle a cheat on or off, pause game play and enter the "Cheats" menu:

[Right], [Left], [Left], [Up], [Down], [Right] - Unlimited Gas Mines.

[Right], [Left], [Left], [Up], [Down], [Up] - Unlimited SuperBark.

[Right], [Up], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Down] - Unlimited Ground Pound.

[Right], [Up], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Right] - All Game Levels.

[Right], [Up], [Right], [Right] - All Mini Games.

[Down], [Down], [Up], [Left] - Unlimited Invulnerability.

[Left], [Down], [Down], [Down] - Unlimited Stealth Camo.

[Left], [Right], [Up], [Down] - Unlimited Enchanced Vision.

[Left], [Left], [Up], [Right] - Unlimited Laser Eyes.