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Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant – How to Reach It

If you want to know how to find the Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant, look no further than this guide. The Power Plant in Pokemon Let’s Go is a hidden gem that requires a bit of backtracking to reach, but there are loads of powerful Pokemon there for you to catch, as well as some great TMs. Given that TMs can be used as many times as you want in Pokemon Let’s Go, stocking up on them means that you’ll be able to turn wild Pokemon into powerhouses within 30 seconds of catching them.

The Power Plant is home to the Legendary Bird Zapdos, too, so you’ll likely need to travel there at least once if you plan on completing the Pokedex. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant, including where to find the Power Plant and what to do when you get there.

Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant – How to Reach It

If you’re wondering how to find the Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant, all you need to do is visit Route 10 after a certain point in the game. In Celadon City, you’ll be able to teach your Partner Pokemon the Secret Technique known as Sky Dash by talking to the person holding balloons near the Rocket Game Corner.

Although this can bring you back to Route 10, it isn’t quite enough to get you to the Power Plant. You’ll need another Secret Technique for that, which can be learned in Fuchsia City, home to the fifth Gym Leader—Koga. The northernmost part of Fuchsia City is home to the GO Park, which is where players can import Pokemon from Pokemon GoTo the east of the GO Park, you’ll see a man standing next to his Lapras. He’ll teach your Eevee or Pikachu the Secret Technique known as Sea-Skim, which will allow you to cross bodies of water like HM Surf used to.

Now that you’ve got everything you need, fly to Cerulean City. Go east towards the Rock Tunnel entrance, but instead of entering the Rock Tunnel from Route 10, stop outside the Pokemon Center. Head north from here until you reach a narrow canal. Use Sea-Skim to surf down toward a new area. There are two trainers here, neither of which are particularly strong. One of these is a Coach Trainer, to, so battle her for some interesting loot.

The building here is the Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant. If you’re feeling up to the task, head inside. Also, bear in mind that the body of water on Route 10 is the only Pokemon Let’s Go Dratini location in the game, so you might as well catch your baby Dragonite before venturing inside the Power Plant considering that you’re already here anyway.

Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant – What to Do There

The Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant is jam-packed with powerful Electric-type Pokemon. You can catch Magnemite, or even Magneton if you’re lucky. Also, this is the only location in the game that you can catch Electabuzz in, who has a decent Attack stat, allowing him to make use of STAB (same type attack bonus) Electric-type moves.

However, the real reason the Power Plant is worth visiting is because it’s home to the powerful Legendary Bird Zapdos. One part of the infamous Legendary Bird trio, Zapdos is a monstrously strong Pokemon who is lightning fast and hits like a truck. Although this makes it a worthy addition to any team, it also means that it will pose a huge threat to unprepared trainers. As the Legendary Bird encounters are static encounters like Snorlax in Pokemon Let’s Go, trainers will have to defeat Zapdos before getting the chance to capture it.

Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant – How to Catch Zapdos

First, you need to find Zapdos, but that’s not difficult. Simply follow the path around the Power Plant, aiming to get as far right as possible. There are some trainers here, but whether or not you fight them is up to you. Once you’re in the top right corner, you should be able to make a beeline straight across to the top left. Zapdos is in the most northwesterly room. To trigger the encounter, simply walk up to Zapdos and press A.

Zapdos is Level 50 and buffs all of its stats at the beginning of the fight. It can easily incapacitate Pokemon up to five levels higher than it with a single move if it comes to it, so you’ll need to bring a strong team and lots of Ultra Balls. Ideally, a strong Rhydon or Onix will be immune to its Thunderbolt while also resisting its Drill Peck. With these Pokemon, you can make use of STAB Rock Slide, which is super-effective against Zapdos and will take it down in a couple of hits. If you go in with Pokemon like Blastoise, Venusaur, or Gyarados, you’ll be annihilated before you even have the chance to land a hit, despite the fact that these are incredibly powerful Pokemon themselves.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to take Zapdos down without too many issues. Once you do so, feed it a Razz Berry and aim your Ultra Ball meticulously well. Although Nanab Berries might calm it down, you’re better off focusing on landing the ball where Zapdos will be by the time it lands, as this will allow you to time a landing with the red ring well, too.

A red ring means that Razz Berries are pretty much essential, but a few excellent throws should do the trick either way. Once you’ve caught Zapdos, you can add it to your team just like any other Pokemon. It’s also noteworthy to mention that after beating the Elite Four, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno all become rare spawns in certain locations throughout the map, meaning that you can encounter more Zapdos later on. You won’t have to fight these ones, though—you can go for the catch straight away.

Post-game Zapdos spawns as a rare encounter in Routes 22, 23, 24, and 25. Be careful when attempting to catch it, as it can flee in these instances, and will do so unless you feed it a Razz Berry and catch it quickly thereafter.

Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant – What Else to Do in the Power Plant

After going through all of the trouble involved in figuring out how to find the Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant, you might as well get the most out of your visit there. Although the path to Zapdos is pretty straightforward, venturing into every room will net you TM Thunder, two Thunder Stones, and lots more. Also, there are Master Trainers here after you’ve beaten the Elite Four, so make sure to return in the post-game section when you’re doing all of the other fun stuff mentioned in out Pokemon Let’s Go post-game guide.

Just one thing to be wary of; if an item has a white top instead of a red one, it isn’t an item—it’s an Electrode. Defeat it and you’ll get the chance to capture it. Electrode is insanely fast, so it makes a good addition to any competitive Gen 1 team.

With all of that on board, it’s time for you to visit the Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant!