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Battlefield 5 PC DXR Not Enabled Bug – How to Fix

There’s a Battlefield 5 PC DXR not enabled bug that is preventing players from seeing the game in its best light, if you pardon the pun. EA DICE’s first-person shooter is best viewed with all of its best features supported, but some fans aren’t able to get bang for their buck visually because of the issue. There must be a Battlefield 5 PC DXR not enabled bug fix then, right?

Battlefield 5 PC DXR Not Enabled Bug – What is DXR, and What’s the Problem?

DXR stands for Direct X Raytracing. It’s a feature implemented by Microsoft’s DirectX program that allows for real-time raytracing. Raytracing itself is a rendering technique that sees pixels depicted as light rays, in video format, tracing the outline of virtual objects to allow for the best virtual realism. For example, light breaking through the treeline can be simulated in games to give them a more pleasing aesthetic, and makes games more realistic in nature.

The problem that some players are having is that DXR isn’t automatically enabled on their computers, despite their systems having the capacity to use the technology. It’s a problem that EA DICE is aware of, so what’s their solution?

How to Fix the Battlefield 5 PC DXR Not Enabled Bug

EA DICE has revealed that players need to install the latest Battlefield 5 update, which can be found here, to enable DXR. In an additional blog post on their official forums, EA DICE also states that players should use DXR in its lowest setting for the time being whilst they fully sort out the problem.

To do this, ensure that the “DXR Raytraced Reflections Quality” is set at “Low” in your Nvidia settings on your PC. Setting it to higher than this can cause performance issues such as lag, so to make sure your matches are as fluid as possible, don’t exceed this. EA DICE is working closely with Nvidia to completely resolve the issue, so be aware that further patches may need downloading to get the best DXR experience in the future.