Pokemon Let’s Go Cinnabar Island Quiz Answers – How to Avoid Battling

Need help on the Pokemon Let’s Go Cinnabar Island quiz? I don’t blame you. While the five Blaine questions aren’t the toughest in the world, it can be difficult when you’re in the hotseat. Plus, you might want to avoid battling the Cinnabar Island trainers so you’re fighting fit ahead of the battle against Blaine himself. Without further ado, here are the answers to every Pokemon Let’s Go Cinnabar Island quiz question. 

Pokemon Let’s Go Cinnabar Island Quiz Answers

Question 1

Who is the Spitfire Pokemon?

  • Magmar
  • Growlithe

Answer: Magmar

Maybe one of the toughest of the five Cinnabar Island quiz answers if you haven’t brushed up on your Pokedex in a while. Referred to as the “Spitfire Pokemon” by the Pokedex in the anime, this series’ Pokedex entry also offers up a clue if you couldn’t tell from the flame Pokemon’s appearance: Born in an active volcano. Its body is always cloaked in flames, so it looks like a big ball of fire.

Question 2

How many Gym Badges certified by the Pokemon League are there?

  • Seven
  • Eight

Answer: Eight

Nice and easy this one. Each region, without fail, always has eight Gym Badges. If you want to get them all, make sure to check out our Pokemon Let’s Go Gym Order guide.

Question 3

A Steel-type move used on a Fire Pokemon will be…?

  • Super effective!
  • Not very effective

Answer: Super effective!

Blaine is the architect of his own downfall here, sneakily telling you which Pokemon type will be advantageous in the upcoming battle against him. What a dope.

Question 4

True or false! TM28 contains the move Tombstony

  • True
  • False
  • What’s that?!

Answer: What’s that?!

A trick question. There is no TM called Tombstony, 28 or otherwise. You nearly had us for a second there, Blaine!

Question 5

Challenger [player’s name], tell me… who are you about to battle?!

  • Blaine
  • The Cinnabar Island Gym Leader
  • A Fire-type Pokemon pro
  • A hotheaded quiz master
  • A moustached old man
  • An old guy in sunglasses

Answer: Pick any answer, they’re all correct

Blaine is pointing out he’s old and bald in at least a third of these. Weird flex, but ok.