Box art - Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Emotes – Does It Have Gestures?

The Red Dead Online beta is here and, like other online multiplayer games, we should expect Red Dead Online emotes to be a part of a experience. Rockstar Games haven’t given any indication that they’ll be present in this mode though. Will there be Red Dead Online emotes in this game mode, or are emotes just not part of the experience?

Are There Any Red Dead Online Emotes?

Yes, there are. A few players have begun testing out the beta after they were granted early access to it. Their access to the mode was provided early simply because they purchased Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Ultimate Edition in late October, and even though most have already encountered server problems, some players have managed to get through to the opening areas of Red Dead Online.

Those that have managed to do so have confirmed that emotes are present in Red Dead Online. The tweet featured below, courtesy of Rockstar Intel, shows an image that proves Red Dead Online emotes are in the game.

Which Red Dead Online Emotes Emotes Can We Expect to See?

Rockstar Intel’s screengrab shows that there are four shortcuts to emotes that are likely to be used regularly by gamers. These include “wave,” “nod head,” and “damn you,” which should all be self-explanatory. The final one of the quartet —”shoot ’em up”—could be your character making finger guns and pretending to fire them into the air.

There should be plenty of other emote options available to Red Dead Online players too, judging by the screenshot. Players will be able to open an extended emote wheel using R1 on their PS4 controller, or RB on their Xbox One gamepad, to bring up the wheel. There’s no indication yet what these extra emotes will be, but given Rockstar’s humorous approach to them in GTA Online, they should be all exaggerated or funny at the very least.