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Red Dead Online Passive Mode – Is it Available?

A Red Dead Online passive mode would go down well with some players, based on chatter from around the internet. The Red Dead Online beta has only begun rolling out, but some fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 are already growing tired of getting gunned down in the online multiplayer mode. Surely there’s a Red Dead Online passive mode available to players then?

Is a Red Dead Online Passive Mode Available in the Game?

To begin with, passive mode is a game mode that allows players to venture around Red Dead Online’s map without fear of being killed, hogtied, or robbed by other players on their servers. Given that some people online just love to troll you and make your own experience a negative one, passive mode prevents them from hurting you and lets you explore freely.

The problem, however, is that Red Dead Online doesn’t appear to have a passive mode option. Rockstar haven’t explained that one isn’t available in Red Dead Online but, according to Rockstar Intel’s Twitter account, there isn’t. Some lucky players have gained access to the beta after they bought the game’s Ultimate Edition in October, and those that have managed to get online have revealed passive mode isn’t available.

Red Dead Online Passive Mode – Is There Any Way to Play Without Being Trolled?

According to Rockstar Intel, there is. Players can fly a white flag above their camp in the game, and this prevents other players from attacking you wherever your camp is located. This means that your money, ammo, guns, supplies, and horse are all free from harm when you return to your base.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt anywhere else on the map, mind you. Be sure to keep your gun on you at all times, or make sure that you’re with your mates in a gang so you don’t get set upon out in the wild west.