Box art - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Alolan Forms – How to Get All Alola Pokémon

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu are out now, and as usual with any game in the series, there are all manner of exciting Pokemon to catch. Perhaps the most interesting are the Alolan Pokemon forms, which were only introduced to the series in the Gen 7 games. You can get these Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go, but how do you get all the Pokemon Let’s Go Alolan Forms? We’ll show you how to catch ’em all, or rather, trade and get them all.

What Are Alolan Forms?

Alolan Pokemon are regional variations of the classic Kanto, or Gen 1, Pokemon. They’re named after the Alola region, which was introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It’s a tropical region, so these Gen 7 Alolan Pokemon have adapted to these tropical surroundings, with new physical forms, types, and stats.

As for their appearance in Pokemon Let’s Go, unlike most Pokemon, the Alolan forms cannot be caught in the wild. Instead, they can only be traded for their Gen 1 equivalents throughout the game. Alternatively, if you’re playing Pokemon Go on mobile and have Alolan Pokemon there, you can transfer them over to Pokemon Let’s Go. Otherwise, here’s what you need to do to get all Alolan forms in the Switch game alone.

Where to Find Alolan Diglett

Pokemon Let's Go Alolan Diglett

To get Alolan Diglett you’ll have to head to the creepy Lavender Town. In the center of the gravestone-covered scary heart of Pokemon Let’s Go you’ll find the Lavender Town Pokemon Center and a trainer called Diglette. Unsurprisingly given the trainer’s name, you can trade Diglett for an Alolan Diglett at level 25. It doesn’t look different apart from the hair, but it can be evolved into Alolan Dugtrio.

Where to Find Alolan Geodude

For the strong-armed Alolan Geodude, head to the lovely Vermilion City, and then to the Vermilion City Pokemon Center. Higeo is the trainer here that you need to talk to. Once again you can initiate a swap for the regular Geodude, who will trade over at level 16. Alolan Geodude can then be evolved into the Alolan versions of Graveler and then Golem.

Where to Find Alolan Grimer

Something to note is that, with a few of these Alolan forms, they’re only available in either Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee or Let’s Go Pikachu, not both. Grimer is one such example, as he’s only available in Let’s Go Pikachu. If you have that version of the game, head to Cinnabar Island, and then to the Cinnabar Island Pokemon Center. The trainer in the corner will offer you Alolan Grimer at level 44, which you can evolve into the colorful Alolan Muk.

Where to Find Alolan Meowth

Pokemon Let's Go Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth is what you get instead of Grimer if you own Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. The instructions are otherwise the same: head to Cinnabar Island Pokemon Center and look for the weird punk guy in the corner. You’ll get the cute Alolan Meowth at level 44, and he can be evolved into Alolan Persian.

Where to Find Alolan Exeggcutor

The weird palm tree on legs that is the Alolan Exeggcutor can only be obtained quite late in Pokemon Let’s Go. You’ll have to wait until near the end of the game on Indigo Plateau, and then look for a slightly geeky guy in the Pokemon Center there. He’ll trade you a regular Exeggcutor for the palm tree version at level 46. Note that the Alolan Exeggcutor cannot be evolved.

Where to Find Alolan Marowak

pokemon let's go marowak

We’ve got a full guide on how to get Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Let’s Go already. In short, head to Fuschia City and look for an older male trainer in the Pokemon Center there who’ll trade you regular Marowak for Alolan Marowak at level 38. Like Exeggcutor, Alolan Marowak cannot be evolved.

Where to Find Alolan Raichu

The ultra-cute Alolan Raichu can be picked up in Saffron City. Head into the Pokemon Center and look for a female trainer who’s willing to trade your normal Raichu for the tail-surfing version. It’ll trade at level 30, but unfortunately it can’t be evolved.

Where to Find Alolan Rattata

Alolan Rattata is possibly the first Alolan form you’ll be able to pick up. It can be found in Cerulean City. As usual, head to the Pokemon Center and look for a female trainer who’ll trade Rattata for the Alolan Rattata. You should have plenty of Rattata, so make the trade for a level 12 Alolan form. It can be evolved into Alolan Raticate.

Where to Find Alolan Sandshrew

Pokemon Let's Go Alolan Sandshrew

Like Grimer, the Alolan form of Sandshrew can only be picked up in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, not Let’s Go Eevee. You can get the Pokemon Let’s Go Alolan Sandshrew in Celadon City Pokemon Center. As usual, look for a trainer offering to trade Sandshrew for an Alolan Sandshrew, which will be at level 27. You can evolve them into Alolan Sandslash.

Where to Find Alolan Vulpix

The Alolan form that Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee owners get instead of Sandshrew is Alolan Vulpix. Otherwise the instructions are the same, so head to Celadon City’s Pokemon Center and pick it up at level 27. Alolan Vulpix can then be evolved into the beautiful Alolan Ninetales.