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Red Dead Online Clothes – How to Unlock

With the launch of the beta Red Dead Dead Redemption 2‘s Red Dead Online there’s so much to learn about this new world. One such question is how to customize your character and specifically how to unlock Red Dead Online clothes and outfits.

While many players may not have access to the game yet, it will be available to all as of November 30. If you’re not that patient, here are some tips on getting into Red Dead Online a little early.

How to Unlock New Clothes in Red Dead Online

Fortunately getting your hands on some of Red Dead Online clothes is actually pretty easy for the most part, so you can look like the perfect version of your cowboy self – as long as you have the cash.

Like most things in Red Dead Online, clothes can be purchased from the catalogue accessible in their camps. You can get to the catalogue by pressing left on the D-pad and from here you can choose from a selection of outfits.

You can also get clothing from tailors, just like in the main game. Once you find a clothing store just choose from the catalogue they have at the front counter to make your purchases. It’s pretty similar to GTA Online in that respect.

To get the money to buy these fancy duds, you’ll need to get your outlaw on out in the world by completing robberies or just interacting with the many, many game modes and activities on offer.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that you can bring over your outfits from the story mode into the Red Dead Online clothes selection.

We also know that one outfit was unlocked by purchasing a premium version of the game.  so it’s very possible that more things will become unlockable as additional purchases or perhaps as rewards for quests or special accomplishments.

Clothing doesn’t appear to be the only way you can customize your character in Red Dead Online. Emotes are also featuring in the game and you can find out more about them here.