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Red Dead Online Map – View the Full RDR2 Online Map

Red Dead Online is here, which means the Red Dead Redemption 2 online map is now available for players to explore. The Red Dead Online map allows players to explore the wild west in full, with the map available to view from the get-go. Unlike the single-player campaign, no areas are kept hidden until you’ve ventured to them, so if you haven’t progressed far into Arthur Morgan’s story then venturing into the RDR2 online component will make the world map entirely visible.

Full Red Dead Online Map in Red Dead Redemption 2

West Elizabeth, Ambarino, New Hanover, and Lemoyne can be viewed in the Red Dead Online map below:

red dead online map

Austin, which is located in the south-west, can be viewed below:

rdr2 online map

The same settlements found in the Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player campaign can be found in Red Dead Online, with players still able to wander into store, gunsmiths, saloons, and go for a fresh trim at the barbers.

Players can either decide to wander the map in Free Roam mode, or they can also go head-to-head against other players in matchmaking. Matchmaking features PvP shootouts, battle royale, and races, with players able to access matchmaking via Red Dead Online’s opening menu or by pressing left on the d-pad and selecting ‘Quick Join.’

Players can also hover over the white markers on the map and press triangle/Y to start matchmaking there and then, with them able to join Showdown Series and Races from the map. These will see players fast traveling to the location the matchmaking is being held in, so you needn’t worry about riding your horse over to the location of one of these areas.

It’s certainly an expansive map for a multiplayer mode, but those who have not yet ventured too far into the single-player may want to hold out before wandering too far off the beaten path. With the game’s entire map being explorable, those who wanted its story to remain firmly unspoiled will stumble upon a variety of locations they were unlikely to have seen so swiftly as Arthur Morgan.