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Pokemon Let’s Go Kabutops Location – Where to Find

Got a hole in your Pokedex entries and are desperate to find a Pokemon Let’s Go Kabutops? You’re not alone. Knowing where the Kabutops location is, though, is a whole different story. While the ‘mon doesn’t have a “traditional” location as such- so you won’t go finding it on Route 10, for example- there are a couple of ways you can get your hands on one, and they involve training, trading, and/or getting some fossils.

Pokemon Let’s Go Kabutops Location

The first, and most direct, way to guarantee yourself your very own Pokemon Let’s Go Kabutops is to take the Dome Fossil after beating the Super Nerd in the lower reaches of Mt. Moon. It comes very early on in the story and you can’t miss this moment; it comes after battling Team Rocket a few times.

Make sure you take the Dome Fossil instead of the Helix Fossil, and make a note of it. You won’t be able to use it until you hurtle towards the endgame. That is, once you’ve unlocked the ability to reach Cinnabar Island. From there, you can mooch around, but you should absolutely make your way to the Cinnabar Island lab and talk to the guy at the back wall on the far-right of the room.

From there, you can get the scientists to take your Dome Fossil and turn it into a Kabuto. Now all you’ll need to do is level it up to Level 40 and it’ll evolve into a Kabutops. For training purposes, I recommend the following order: Route 10, Route 14, then Routes 17 through to 19. If you’re in need of some mega levelling, you can always try your luck at Victory Road.

How to Get More Dome Fossils

If you’ve already picked the Helix Fossil during your save, all’s not lost! With a bit of luck, you can also pick up a Dome Fossil from time-to-time in Cerulean Cave. Head to one of the big crystals protruding out of the ground in the middle of an area and interact with the space in front of the crystal to get an item. It’s not an exact science, so you’ll have to keep heading back and forth between areas until you can eventually grab one.

Can I Trade for a Kabutops?

Yes, you can! There’s no restriction on trading for either a Kabuto or a Kabutops, so feel free to fill your boots if you want to take a bit of a shortcut. But all the fun’s in the levelling up, right?