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Red Dead Online Appearance Glitch – Is There a Fix?

The Red Dead Online beta – Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode – is well underway and, as with any beta version, problems have surfaced. One that has some players frustrated right now is a Red Dead Online appearance glitch, especially when it comes to makeup in Red Dead Online. Despite other problems elsewhere, there must be an easy Red Dead Online appearance glitch fix, right?

Red Dead Online Appearance Glitch – What is the Problem?

Red Dead Online is only available to certain players at the moment, but it seems that a few are finding ridiculous glitches that relate to their character’s appearance. Those that have found issues have taken to social media, such as Reddit, to try and find a solution.

One regular glitch appears to be male Red Dead Online characters wearing lipstick despite this not being an option in the character creator. Others, meanwhile, have stated that their character’s facial features – like eyebrows and noses – have different proportions when they leave missions, join friends in their gang, or load up Red Dead Online after their first playthrough.

Red Dead Online Appearance Glitch – Is There a Fix?

Unfortunately not right now. Rockstar are likely aware of the issue, but something like this won’t be a major pressing concern. At the moment, they’re testing their server loads for greater player numbers, and attempting to fix issues that are preventing players from accessing the beta.

If your character’s appearance has changed – and doesn’t change back if you try logging out and back in again – then your best bet is to contact Rockstar’s support team. You can submit feedback to them via this form on their website, and one of their team should either provide you with assistance or let you know if the problem is being looked into. For now, you may have to make do with your male characters looking like a class clown.