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Red Dead Online Battle Royale – How to Win Make It Count

Red Dead Online is now live for early adopters of Red Dead Redemption 2. It turns out that there is a Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale mode. Dubbed Red Dead Online Make it Count, this mode has us face off against other players in a continually shrinking map area until just one player is left standing. It’s smaller than other battle royale modes, but it has the same basic principles.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale Mode – What is Make it Count?

There are two battle royale modes in Red Dead Online. One of them only allows players to equip and use Throwing Knives, while the other is limited to Bow and Arrows only. You can play either mode of Make it Count in 16 or 32-player variants, and can access them through online playlists. There are three known locations for Make it Count: Tall Trees, Stillwater Creek, and Strawberry.

In each of the locations, the map will start out large and gradually shrink in on itself. It will shrink every minute in the ten-minute matches, so you’ll be forced to stay on your toes. Unlike other modes in Red Dead Online, you won’t appear on the mini-map as a red dot for most of Make it Count.

In both the Throwing Knives and Bow and Arrows variants of the Red Dead Online battle royale mode, each weapon will count as a one-hit kill. Once you have killed an opponent, you will appear on the mini-map as a red dot, letting everyone know your exact location.

Staying alive and finding your opponents won’t be easy, but that’s where we come in.

General Tips on How to Win Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale Mode

As with all battle royale modes and games, there are going to be plenty of ways in which you can win a round of Make it Count. Of course, general advice from other battle royale modes will work wonders here, too. These are as follows:

  • Stay hidden (look for long grass, bushes, buildings, and anything else to hide behind or in)
  • Keep moving
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Always be on the lookout for enemies

If you follow any of this advice, you should do okay in Make it Count, but there are other more Red Dead Online specific tips that should help you out even more. We’ve played through both the Bow and Arrow and Throwing Knives variants of the mode and have come to these conclusions on how best to win. Remember the tips above though, as they will come in more than handy, too!

How to Win Make it Count in Red Dead Online Battle Royale

Red Dead Online Battle Royale

While keeping the above general tips on how to win at battle royale modes in mind, you will need to know some tips exclusive to Red Dead Online, too. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

First off, you’ll want to crouch. While no one appears on the mini-map until after they have killed an enemy anyway, crouching will keep you hidden more than standing tall ever will. You can still move quickly while crouching, and staying low will keep you more hidden. Your footsteps will also be quieter, too.

On top of keeping low through crouching, you will want to play entirely in third-person. This will give you a superior field of view compared to what you can see when playing in first-person.

Keep an eye on the mini-map. As mentioned above, any time anyone kills an opponent in Make it Count, they will appear on the mini-map as a red dot. Keep checking for these flashes of red dots as they will let you know exactly where someone is. It’s up to you what to do with that knowledge.

Make use of Ability Cards. You will earn Ability Cards in Red Dead Online upon leveling up. The Focus Fire I Ability Card is your friend here. With this equipped, your Dead Eye ability will improve, meaning you will be able to kill enemies in Make it Count far easier. After killing an enemy with Dead Eye, your Dead Eye meter will fill up again. This allows you to keep dealing more and more damage when using the helpful aiming function. Be warned, however, that Dead Eye doesn’t slow down time in multiplayer.

Another last piece of advice would be to avoid fist-fights. While they look cool, you will be spotted and heard fighting an opponent in close quarters combat. Following any of these tips will help you win Make it Count, for sure.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale Mode – What Rewards Does Make it Count Give You?

You will earn rewards each time you play Make it Count. Naturally, the better you do, the better the rewards you earn will be. Unfortunately, this includes the number of kills you get, the time you last, and your overall placement. We can’t tell you exactly how much you will earn in terms of rewards, but we can tell you what you can get for taking part in Make it Count.

You will earn XP, money, and Gold Nuggets through playing any mode online. The better you do, the more of each you will earn. Gold Nuggets can be exchanged for Gold Bars every time you collect 100 of them. Gold Bars can then be spent on microtransactions for all sorts of things in Red Dead Online. For more on those, our Red Dead Online Microtransactions guide will come in handy. Remember, though, you will likely only earn 0.02 Gold Bars, which is worth two Gold Nuggets.