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Red Dead Online Treasure Maps – Where to Find and How to Get

Just like Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online treasure maps are activities that you can take part in. As in the single player mode, you’ll get a nice reward for uncovering a treasure map’s secret, so you’ll want to get a few as early as possible. There’s one problem though – where do you find Red Dead Online treasure maps? And are there different ways to get them?

Red Dead Online Treasure Map Locations

Red Dead Online treasure maps are scattered all throughout the world. The best place to find treasure maps at the moment is in gang hideouts. These are small strongholds that house gang members, and you’ll need to take these out first to find any treasure maps that they are hoarding.

Once you’ve taken out the trash, so to speak, you’ll want to find the gang leader for each hideout. You can loot their body, just like anyone else, in the game by holding the Y button on your Xbox One controller, or the triangle button on your PS4 gamepad. You won’t always come across a treasure map, but you may strike lucky on the odd occasion.

Red Dead Online Treasure Maps – How Else Can I Get Them? What Treasure Can I Find?

You’ll be given a single treasure map at the start of Red Dead Online, and another one once you reach level 10. If you haven’t found one in the wild, these will be the first ones you come across. You can also acquire them through certain NPC missions, such as one that gives you the option to let a wanted man go if he hands over his treasure map.

As for treasure map rewards, you can often find money clips holding between $25 and $100. Or, if you’re lucky, you might even find a gold bar. You can then sell the gold bars for some cold hard cash, or use them to buy cosmetics, weapons, items, or horses in Red Dead Online. Either way you’ll end up with cash, and in a game where money is everything, that’s nothing to turn your nose up at.