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Red Dead Online Hector Mission Glitch – Is There a Fix?

A Red Dead Online Hector mission glitch has become the scourge of some players in Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online multiplayer mode. You would naturally expect a beta version of any game to have issues with it, but this one in particular is causing frustration among gamers. Is a Red Dead Online Hector mission glitch fix to combat the issue then?

Red Dead Online Hector Mission Glitch – What is It?

Hector Fellowes, a character from Red Dead Redemptions 2‘s story mode, is someone who gives your Red Dead Online outlaw a couple of missions to complete. Or he would if players could access the missions in the first place. Some are finding that they can’t access the missions at all, while others have made mention of not receiving an objective once they accept it.

It’s been made all the more annoying by the fact that Hector starts shouting at players to get a move on with the mission. It doesn’t seem like this is a bug solely reserved for the Hector missions, but it’s more prominent than others right now.

Red Dead Online Hector Mission Glitch – Is There a Fix to This Error?

Not at the moment. Rockstar are hard at work ironing out all the bugs, errors, and glitches that they are coming across in Red Dead Online’s beta, with the hope that all of them will be resolved by the full release. They won’t be able to sort out everything, but how can you go about ensuring they know about this particular glitch?

You can fire Rockstar some feedback via this form. Fill it out with the issue you’ve come across, and submit it to their support team. The more people who submit this error as feedback, the more likely it is to be addressed. Fingers crossed that it’ll be patched with the full launch of Red Dead Online.