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What is the Red Dead Online Circling During Races Exploit?

Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode, is finally available to everyone. With more players diving in, some are witnessing a strange Red Dead Online circling during races exploit. What exactly is this supposed workaround, and why are people so keen on performing it?

What Is the Red Dead Online Circling During Races Exploit?

Like in GTA Online, players can race against one another in Red Dead Online. Ordinarily this would be taken at face value and not cause consternation, but some players are bearing witness to an odd mechanic during these races.

Red Dead Online players have taken to the internet to ask their fellow players why they keep seeing others just trotting around in circles throughout the whole race. It turns out that this exploit is a way to prolong races and, potentially, earn more cash as a result. It was an exploit that was also present in GTA Online, so it stands to reason that those players, who have migrated over to Red Dead Online would try it out here too.

Why Use the Red Dead Online Circling During Races Exploit?

As we mentioned, players are doing this to try and earn more cash for their characters. This will allow them to buy weapons, clothes, gear, and other cosmetics to help them with Red Dead Online’s story missions and other game modes. It’s also a way to earn more experience points (XP) to level up your character faster. This allows you to unlock the better weapons in the game, and gain an advantage in PvP modes as you’ll have stronger, faster guns to take other players out with.

There’s always the possibility that Rockstar Games will try to find a way to patch out this exploit in the mode’s full release but, for now, expect to see plenty more horses and players trotting around in circles during races.