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Pokemon Let’s Go Rock Tunnel – Pokemon and Walkthrough

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee is here, and while it may have some problems it’s filled with things to do, places to explore, and of course, Pokemon to catch. Just off of Route 10 is the Pokemon Let’s Go Rock Tunnel, a dungeon you’ll have to navigate as part of the game’s main story if you want to get through the game.

It can be a maze to navigate. Perhaps not as bad as the Seafoam Islands and the rock puzzle at that location’s heart, but there’s certainly a lot to find. We’ve got a full walkthrough to help you get through the Rock Tunnel quickly, so you can get on with the story, and also a list of every Pokemon you can find hiding in this dungeon.

What Pokemon Are in Rock Tunnel?

  • Charmander
  • Cubone
  • Geodude
  • Golbat
  • Graveler
  • Kangaskhan
  • Machop
  • Onix
  • Ryhorn
  • Zubat

Pokemon Let’s Go Rock Tunnel Walkthrough

Pokémon Let's Go Rock Tunnel 2

After climbing down into the dungeo, the first thing you’ll encounter in the Rock Tunnel is the screen above. It’s impossible to see anything. You’ll be asked if you want to use your Secret Technique “Light Up,” which you should have got by now. Choose “Yes” and you’ll be able to see. If you accidentally chose “No,” just go into your menu and activate Light Up from the Secret Techniques screen.

Head east to find a Repel. Head back and south and you’ll meet Poké Maniac Ashton, who has a level 23 Slowpoke, a Psychic/Water-type Pokemon. After beating him, take the path south and in a “U” shape to find your first ladder. Head down it. From the ladder, head south and then west to find Poké Maniac Winston and his level 23 Kangaskhan, a regular, Normal-type Pokemon.

After Winston, go west to grab a Revive, and then double back and north to follow the path. If you want to catch a level 24 Onix, a Ground-type, you can optionally challenge the Black Belt Dudley in this area to get it. He has a Dire Hit next to him. After these, go north-east up the path, and continue north-east on the right when the path splits. You’ll find three Great Balls in this part, as well as Black Belt Eric, who you can optionally challenge. Heo has a level 24 Mankey, a Fighting-type, and a level 24 Poliwhirl, a Water-type.

Go west and you’ll find a ladder you’ll need to climb, however before you do that you might want to go south and fight the trainer there, Hiker Allen. This guy has a level 23 Geodude, a level 23 Onix, and a level 23 Graveler, which are all Rock/Ground-type Pokemon. After fighting him head back to the ladder and go up it, where you’ll immediately find Camper Lenny. He’s got a level 22 Growlithe, which is a Fire-type Pokemon.

After him, stay by the left wall and head generally south-west until you find another hiker. This is Hiker Oliver, and he’s got a level 23 Onix and a level 23 Sandslash, another Ground-type Pokemon. After taking on Oliver head east, where you’ll find an Escape Rope, and then north where you’ll bump into yet another hiker. This is Hiker Claus, and he’s got a level 23 Machop, a Fighting-type Pokemon, and a level 23 Rhyhorn, a Ground/Rock-type. After finishing off all the hikers you can head north-east and down the ladder you’ll see there.

On the next level you can head west and north to find Poké Maniac Cooper, who has a level 23 Ivysaur, a Grass-type. Behind them you’ll find a Full Heal, so grab that and head back the way you came, then south and a bit west to Ace Trainer Sofia. She has a level 24 Vulpix, a Fire-type, and a level 25 Kadabra, a Psychic-type. Just south-west of her is another trainer, Ace Trainer Charlie, with a level 24 Diglett, Ground-type, and a level 25 Flareon, Fire-type. There’s a Stardust to the west.

Go north back to Sofia, then west to Black Belt Steve, who has two level 24 Machops. South-west of him is a Super Potion, then head north and up the ladder. There’s a man here who’ll give you Pokeballs if you’re running out. South of here is Picnicker Leah, who has a level 22 Nidorina, a Poison-type. And south of Leah is Camper Leroy, who has a level 22 Nidorino, similarly Poison-type. There’s a Super Potion just east of him, and then go north-west to grab a Stardust.

Now go south-west to take on Picnicker Dana, who has a level 22 Meowth, Normal-type, and a level 22 Vulpix. Go west, grab the hidden Revive by the sign, and west again to find a Pearl. Go back east, then south at the sign. Congratulations, you’ve cleared the Pokemon Let’s Go Rock Tunnel!