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Red Dead Online Moving Camp Bug – Is There a Fix?

A Red Dead Online moving camp bug is frustrating players who, well, expect their camp to remain in the same place. There’s a growing faction of gamers in Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode who have suffered from this glitch. They, along with everyone else, will want to know if there’s a Red Dead Online moving camp bug fix to sort the problem. So, is there?

Red Dead Online Moving Camp Bug – What is the Issue?

Players in Red Dead Online can choose a location on the map to set up their camp. This acts as a base from which to head out into the world to complete missions, take part in activities, or just wander the wild west.

However, gamers are coming across a glitch that sees their camp get moved constantly by one of Red Dead Online’s main characters, who goes by the name of JB Cripps. Players keep getting notifications that Cripps has moved their camp from its original place, and it’s leading some to get so annoyed that they are venting their anger online, such as in the Red Dead Redemption Reddit.

Red Dead Online Moving Camp Bug – Can This Error be Fixed?

It can, but players will have to wait until Rockstar Games actually get around to patching a fix into the game. There’s nothing you can currently do to avoid the issue unfortunately, so it looks like it will be another case of waiting for the bug to be ironed out by Red Dead Online’s development team.

A few players have suggested that the error is due to other players setting up camp in two different areas if they are dropped into a different server than last time. It remains to be seen if this is true, but it seems like the only logical explanation for this glitch right now.

Your best is to fill in this feedback form of Rockstar’s to make them aware of the issue. If they get enough feedback on it, they may bump it up their list of priorities, and sort it out as soon as possible.