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Destiny 2 1.30 Update Patch Notes – What’s New?

The Destiny 2 1.30 update (otherwise known as the Destiny 2 update), is now live on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The highlights include a certain Super change, a Pinnacle Weapon fix, plus a bunch of other updates and minor tweaks. It’s not a big patch, but it does bring with it a 650 power level cap, plus everything Black Armory-related for those who own the Annual Pass. But, away from that, it’s very much business as usual when it comes to the Destiny 2 1.30 update patch notes.

Destiny 2 1.30 Update – Chaos Reach

The recently-arrived Warlock subclass can prove to be a cumbersome beast to get a handle on. Thankfully, Bungie has moved to sort out the deactivation issues which can cause the Super to be all but useless in some instances.

Where, previously, you could only reclaim 35 percent of your Super meter by deactivating Chaos Reach immediately after using it, you now get a small percentage back in your Super Meter if you deactivate at any time. As Bungie puts it, “The intention is to reward players for skillfully timing their deactivation.”

Destiny 2 1.30 Update – Mountaintop Fix

One of three Pinnacle Weapons to be introduced, The Mountaintop has sneakily found its way into the inventories of players who don’t own Forsaken and, therefore, can’t use it. That’s now been fixed and, while you still won’t be able to use it if you haven’t got Forsaken (thanks to the level cap), at least it won’t be sticking around to thumb its nose at you.

Destiny 2 1.30 Update – Other Changes

While this update perhaps isn’t as extensive as other Destiny 2 updates, there are still a couple of cool changes to keep in mind going forward:

  • Prime Engrams will now drop more frequently for players under 550 Power, meaning better weapons and gear for all.
  • The “Riddle Me This” triumph has now been fixed.
  • High Impact Scout Rifles will now fire at 150 RPM, as intended.
  • Players can no longer use the Scavenger perk to claim ammo off teammates who kill themselves.
  • The Morgeth fight crash bug has now been fixed, meaning The Last Wish raid can be completed without any hiccups, relatively speaking.

For the minutae involved in the Destiny 2 1.30 update patch notes, Bungie has the lowdown on its site.