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Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road – Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road is one of the most difficult areas in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and EeveeKnown historically as the path to the Pokemon League and the Elite Four, Victory Road is home to a plethora of powerful trainers and wild Pokemon. In fact, even the Legendary Bird Moltres resides there. Considering how treacherous Victory Road is, it may be necessary for you to consult a guide. That’s what this is; a guide that covers the Moltres location, how to get through Victory Road, and what awaits you at the Indigo Plateau.

How to Get to Victory Road in Pokemon Let’s Go

In order to reach Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road, there are certain prerequisites that aspiring Champions will need to meet first. For example, in order to take on the Elite Four, you’ll need all eight Gym Badges. If you’ve not managed to gather those yet, you can consult our Pokemon Let’s Go Gym order guide.

Once you’ve gathered all eight badges, you’ll need to go across the route to the left of Viridian City. At the far left, you’ll see a building. The back door will be guarded by an NPC who wants proof that you earned a Boulder Badge. Show him and you can progress forward.

There are seven more checkpoints between here and the entrance to Victory Road. At each one, you’ll need to display a certain Gym badge. After showing all eight, you’ll see a cave in front of you: Victory Road. It’s worth mentioning that you can access patches of grass here after only earning six or seven badges, so coming here to catch Pokemon before even heading to Victory Road is a pretty solid idea. You can catch wild Exeggutors, Nidokings, Nidoqueens, Chanseys, and more, all of which are high-leveled and well worth adding to a pre-Elite Four team.

Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road Walkthrough

As opposed to being a blow-by-blow description of every step left and right in Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road, this guide will simply explain how the mechanics of traversal work. Basically, everywhere you need to go is blocked by a greyish wall. Your objective is to get that wall down.

There are buttons on the ground that you can interact with by pushing large pillars onto them. In order to do this, you’ll need to use Strong Push, which you gain from Fuchsia City after bringing the Warden his Gold Teeth. There are also holes in the ground which you can push pillars into in order to make them drop a floor.

This is very straightforward. If you see a button, it needs a pillar. If there is no pillar on the current floor, go up a floor and push one into a hole. Once you’ve done this, the pillar will be on the floor you need it to be on and you can push it onto the button. If you make a mistake and push the pillar into a corner, meaning that you can’t push it in the right direction anymore, go up a ladder and come back down. This will set the pillar to its default position on that floor, allowing you to try again.

Once you’ve pushed the pillar onto a button, the wall on that floor will come down. The ladder or path behind the wall is the way forward. Although a lot of people think Victory Road is a maze, lots of the areas there are just esoteric side parts. The way through is the way marked by the walls that you need to bring down by using the buttons. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest of Victory Road, though. True, following the walls is the shortcut to the Elite Four, but what else is in Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road, huh? Lots, actually.

Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road – Moltres Location

So, this time I will actually document a blow-by-blow route through Victory Road, because getting to Moltres requires a bit of extra work.

First, you’ll need to get the very first wall down. There’s a button to the right of the entrance that you can Strong Push a pillar onto. Do this and the first barrier will come down in no time. There are some items off to the right that you can collect if you want, but the way forward is to the left. There’s one mandatory trainer battle here, but the second trainer by the ladder can be avoided if you’re not bothered by him.

Go up the ladder and you’ll see another pillar and another button. Complete the simple puzzle and progress through the now-open barrier beside the Juggler. Going around this platform will take you to another barrier, but this one isn’t important for Moltres. It’s the way out of Victory Road all right, but it’s not the way to the Legendary Bird you’ll want to catch before leaving.

Go the whole way around the outside of this floor avoiding all ladders up or down until you find a police officer in the top left corner of the map. She’ll heal your Pokemon for you, which is important, as the ladder to the left of her brings you to Moltres’ floor. Now that you’ve found Moltres, you can consult our Legendary Birds guide for specific tips on how to battle it and hopefully catch it.

Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road – How to Battle Red

Now that you know how to get through Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road and reach the Elite Four, as well as where to find Moltres, you’re pretty much good to go. However, there is one more hidden gem at the end of Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road that you can gain access to after defeating the Pokemon League.

After you become the Pokemon League Champion, Master Trainers will begin to appear all across Kanto. These Master Trainers only have a single Pokemon, but it’s high-leveled and has competitively viable stats. You’ll need to take them on with a Pokemon of your own—if they use Arcanine, you need to use Arcanine, too. Train up your Pokemon, feed them Candy, and when they’re strong enough, take on the corresponding Master Trainer.

After beating six Master Trainers, Red will appear outside the Indigo Plateau. He stands behind the pillar to the left of the stairs leading to the Pokemon League. Approaching him will prompt him to say “… … !” You’ll then be asked if you want to battle Red. Select yes and prepare to face the most powerful NPC trainer in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Red returns from Pokemon Gold and Silver, so his appearance in Pokemon Let’s Go has made Pokemon fans all over the world incredibly excited. If this is your first Pokemon game, though, be sure to prepare. Red is not to be underestimated.

And that’s pretty much it! Now that you know how to get through Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road, where to find the Legendary Bird Moltres, and how to fight the best trainer in the world—Red—Pokemon Let’s Go Victory Road should be a breeze for you. So, ready a team of your favorite Pokemon, train them up, and get ready to take on the Elite Four and eventually Red himself.