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Battlefield 5 1.04 Update Patch Notes – What’s Changed?

EA DICE’s shooter may have felt incomplete at launch, but the Battlefield 5 1.04 update goes a long way to make up for it. A new War Story, a new map, a Practice Range, and more have all been introduced. As well as that, the extensive Battlefield 5 1.04 patch notes also address a whole host of bug fixes. We’ve distilled it down to the most crucial aspects below. Enjoy!

Battlefield 5 1.04 Update – The Last Tiger

In a first for the Battlefield series, EA DICE is giving you the chance to play as the Nazis with The Last Tiger. You’ll be part of the Tiger 1 crew as it makes its way through broken and bloody German defences in an effort to push the U.S. Army back. Of course, we all know how it ends, but it promises to be an intriguing chapter in now only Battlefield history but all of gaming. You can access it from the War Stories menu.

Battlefield 5 1.04 Update – Panzerstorm Map

With a paltry eight maps at launch, Battlefield 5 needed a new map to get it running, especially with the community. Say hello to Panzerstorm, a vehicle-heavy map that ties in nicely with The Last Tiger. It’s certain to be a surefire hit on the larger game modes, as players duke it out across the German countryside in an effort to gain ground against the enemy.

Battlefield 5 1.04 Update – Practice Range

Need a helping hand? That’s where the Practice Range comes in. You can try out every base weapon and vehicle in the game to get a feel for them before you’re thrown headfirst into the Theater of War. There’s even some seig-heiling dummies for you to shoot at. I’m not making this up.

Battlefield 5 1.04 Update – Bug Fixes and More

What would an update be without a longlist of bug fixes and changes? Ray-Tracing on PC has been improved considerably, meaning you’ll actually be able to use it without the game running like, well, a German tank.

That nasty bug involving weapons being locked, no matter your rank and level has also been fixed. You’ll be able to progress further than, well, a German tank.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a flyboy, you’ll be pleased to know that plane health has been increased across the board and LMG fire towards planes have been nerfed. That means you’ll be able to do more vehicular damage than a — you get the picture.

Finally, a Panzerfaust nerf has been put in place, with the rocket less effective against, you guessed it, German tanks (and other tanks, too, of course).

Battlefield 5 1.04 Update – Patch Notes

Of course, we’ve only gone through the key highlights above. The 16-page dossier of Battlefield 5 1.04 update patch notes can be found here.