Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Digital Unlock Time – What is Release Time and When Can I Play?

It’s nearly here. If you want to play Smash Bros. Ultimate early (or at least as early as possible, depending on where you live), you’re going to want to keep tabs on the Smash Ultimate digital unlock time. The Nintendo eShop may very well jump the gun compared to those going to a midnight launch. So, will Smash Ultimate unlock at 12 PM EST or can we expect something different?

When is the Smash Ultimate Digital Unlock Time?

As of right now, nothing has officially been confirmed by Nintendo, but we can certainly get a good handle on what to expect when looking at prior Nintendo Switch first-party releases.

Both Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, for example, unlocked at 12 AM Eastern/9 PM Pacific, with those also unlocking at midnight over in the UK.

If trends follow suit, we can expect the Smash Ultimate  digital unlock time to be 12 AM Eastern/9 PM Pacific, but those in the UK will get it first at midnight GMT. The Smash Ultimate site, unfortunately, is vague, stating you’ll be able to play “as soon as the game is released” on December 7.

Will Smash Ultimate Unlock at Midnight in My Region?

If you’re living on the East Coast of America or in the UK, almost definitely, if past history is anything to go by. The rest of Europe may have to fall in line with GMT so, for example, those in Spain should be able to access their copy (provided they’ve pre-loaded Smash Ultimate) at 1 AM.

Those in the United States situated outside of the Eastern time zone should be able to access it from 9 PM Pacific/11 PM Central.

Can I Play Smash Ultimate Early?

It depends on how you define early. West Coast gamers should be able to play Smash Ultimate early on December 6. If you’ve got a physical pre-order, though, almost definitely not. Retailers breaking street date is a big no-no, so you’ll have to make do with a midnight launch at your local Best Buy or GameStop.