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Red Dead Online Weight Gain – How to Put on Weight

The Red Dead Online beta is still in full swing. Much like Red Dead Redemption 2, your character can gain weight in Red Dead Online. Some players are struggling with this aspect of the game though, so how do you gain weight in Red Dead Online?

How do I Put on Weight in Red Dead Online?

It couldn’t be simpler really – you just have to eat lots and lots of food. What you can eat can determine how much and how fast you can put weight on though. It’s no good just eating the odd tin of baked beans every once in a while, so you’ll want to eat whatever you can find to gain weight.

What is the Best Food to Gain Weight in Red Dead Online?

The best food to eat is big game meat. This meat is found on the predators of Red Dead Online’s world, such as alligators, wolves, cougars, and other animals that would happily eat you. Big game meat gives you a hearty meal to enjoy once cooked and, if you add herbs such as mint to the recipe, you’ll put more weight on quicker too.

Alternatively, as we mentioned above, just eat everything you find. Canned food, meat, stews, and any other snacks will help bulk you up. Raid through drawers and cupboards if you have to.

Why Does My Character Need to Gain Weight in Red Dead Online?

Your stats will vary depending on how fat or skinny your Red Dead Online character is. If your character is termed “underweight” by the game, you’ll have more stamina – which helps to run away from trouble if your horse isn’t about – but less health. If you’re on the heavier side, those stats are reversed so you’ll have more health to take punches and bullets, but you won’t be able to run as fast or as long as a skinnier counterpart.