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Smash Ultimate Custom Controller Layout – How to Enable Custom Controls

Smash Bros Ultimate players are beginning to get to grips with the game now that it’s been released. Plenty of fans are trying out a personalized Smash Ultimate custom controller layout to fit how they want to play, but some are unaware of how to enable these. How do you ensure that your custom controller layout is selected for Smash Ultimate?

What are Smash Ultimate Custom Controller Layouts?

Custom controller layouts allow you to, well, customize your Joy-Con controllers—or other gamepads—to switch up which buttons perform which actions. For example, if you’re using a Joy-Con, your default jump button is the “up” or “left” direction on the D-pad, attack is the “right” direction, and your special attack with “down.”

If you aren’t happy with this configuration, you can change what buttons do what in the settings menu. So, for instance, you could assign the left D-pad direction to attack, right for your special, and so on.

How do I Enable My Smash Ultimate Custom Controller Layout?

Some players have had trouble working out to make sure that their custom layout is being used in any Smash Ultimate game mode. Those who have tried it out in types, such as Adventure Mode and World of Light, have stated that the default controller configuration is being used instead. How do you assign your custom layout to your controller then?

Here’s how. Open up the menu by pausing your game, and click on your party. Click “fighter” in this menu, and you should see the usual Super Smash Bros bar that runs underneath your selected character’s image. Click on this bar – which should read “Player 1” and change the username to the one that you want to use in Smash Ultimate. As long as your custom controls are assigned to your personal username, you can now use them in any Smash Ultimate game mode.