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Fallout 76 Marine Helmet Plan Location – Where to Find Marine Armor

Still looking for the Fallout 76 Marine Helmet plan location? It ranks among the rarest items in the game – unless you know where to look. Even then, figuring out where to find Marine Armor and a Marine Helmet in Fallout 76 can be like finding a needle in an irradiated haystack filled with griefers and mutants. Still: here’s a handful of Marine Armor plan locations to help tide you over, in case you get lucky.

Where is the Fallout 76 Marine Helmet Plan Location?

Right, all the cards on the table: unlike several other weapons and pieces of gear in Fallout 76, by and large the Marine Armor set doesn’t drop anywhere near as regularly and can’t be picked up from most Vendor locations like others typically can. So, while we aren’t privvy to drop rates, we can still point you to one location:

  • Drop Site C2 (South-east of Route 65)

Are There Other Fallout 76 Marine Armor Drop Locations?

However, that’s just the helmet. There’s a handful of other Marine Armor plan locations that you can hopefully get lucky with, unless others are busy farming the area. They include the Watoga Shopping Plaza, specifically the Watoga Vendor Bot found in there. Head to the “Notes” tab after speaking to the pile of nuts and bolts and you might get lucky.

Others on Reddit have found plans everywhere from Watoga Station, through to the upper levels of Fort Defiance, and beyond. Essentially, you’re going to need a little bit of RNG luck to get the goods as well as, ideally, being at least level 25, especially as the Marine Armor is one of the best in the game.

Finally, the vendor in Harper’s Ferry can also carry a handful of the plans but, be warned, this is an incredibly popular spot. Try server hopping for the required result. Also in Harper’s Ferry the house with a weathervane holds a few glass cabinets on the ground floor; these can be treasure troves for Marine Armor plans.